Yes, it’s true. And while all lives matter, all lives are precious and everyone deserves life in dignity, not all people are treated like that. To quote from George Orwell’s “Animal farm”: “Some animals (humans) are more equal than others”.
This is not the result of some individual’s will; it’s a trend that had built up throughout human history and despite all progress made in many countries around the world, the prejudice deeply, historically, and culturally ingrained is still here, still at work. It’s a historical fact that at least in Modern Times it was us, white people spreading around the planet in conquests and it was us, white people spreading the looking down on people of color, it was us, white people reviving slavery, mercilessly looting Africa from its humans and natural resources.

And yes, prejudice against cultures we don’t understand, against people with a dark or different color of the skin is part of our history and we still carry that. From prejudice come all the inequities that our sisters and brothers have suffered and still do in this new century.
The simple fact that there are outrage and backlash against #BlackLivesMatter is a sobering proof that we still don’t realize that as white people, we are born with at least one visible advantage in this world: our skin color.

You’re asking me: aren’t there poor, destitute, disadvantaged white people in this world, suffering injustice and inequity? Yes, they are! Now I ask you: how about adding to that the prejudice against your skin color? Think of that before you get pissed off because of #BlackLivesMatter. You and me, in all misery, we are still less disadvantaged and that too is because we belong to the gang that holds and still sticks to prejudice.

You can have laws against prejudice, but eradicating it lies in a long, long, steady work of education and public speech. #BlackLivesMatter is a cry of help, not a war-cry against white people. It’s a call for an open talk about the issues people of color still face. It’s a call for solidarity.

Are you with me? ‘Cause #BlackLivesMatter !

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Noiembrie de campanie electorală

Nu știu cum arată campaniile electorale ȋn alte țări democratice, dar cele din România sunt din ce ȋn ce mai greu de suportat. Pe lângă faptul că nivelul prestației și valorii politicienilor (de la stânga la dreapta și ȋnapoi) este tot mai scăzut, campaniile acestea se transformă ȋn scurt timp de la declanșarea lor ȋn campanii de bullying susținut și alimentat cu fervoare de instituții de presă și de rețelele de socializare. Ah, dar ce socializare?! Suntem ȋn plin măcel de la om la om, de la comentariu la comentariu, nu mai contează prietenii, familia sau buna vecinătate.

     “Spune-mi cu cine votezi, să știu dacă te ȋnjur sau te pup!” pare să fie sloganul acestor zile de campanie prezidențială 2019. Minunat!-vor exclama unii. S-a deschis sezonul de vânătoare la Viorica Dăncilă! Persoane altminteri potolite și educate se grăbesc ȋn aceste zile să-și umple paginile de Facebook cu meme-uri, bancuri, articole, opinii contondente la adresa ei. E de bon ton s-o faci proastă cel puțin odată pe zi! E liber la șuturi, haideți cu toții.

     Dacă asta e tot ce putem, e trist! Ce mai contează cei 7 ani de acasă, curtoazia față de o femeie, respectul față de opțiunea politică a cel puțin 22% dintre concetățenii noștri! Important e să ne aliniem la corul mai sonor și să se vadă cât suntem de progresiști și ce mult ne pasă de țărișoara noastră.

     Doamna Viorica Dăncilă este o nefericită interfață a unicului (cel puțin deocamdată) partid de stânga de pe eșichierul politic românesc și candidatura ei are o relevanță și sub acest aspect. Chiar și bobârnacele pe care le ȋncasează sunt dublate ȋn bună măsură datorită apartenenței sale la PSD. Finii intelectuali care-i sancționează pe bună dreptate poticnirile verbale, nu au fost niciodată așa prompți ȋn a aplica aceleași măsuri altor doamne și domnișoare de pe aripa dreaptă a politicii noastre. Le-o fi scăpat, bată-i vina!

      Dar dacă reducem ȋntreaga noastră analiză critică la ciomegirea doamnei Dăncilă, n-o să observăm niciodată că actualul președinte al țării este o pastișă a corsarului politicii românești, Traian Băsescu, că are idei puține pe care le exprimă printr-un discurs plat și plicticos sau, după nevoie, printr-unul agresiv populist, că este o persoană monocoloră, dâcoasă și manipulativă. Nu vom putea vedea nici faptul că premierul actual, Ludovic Orban este un figurant, un om golit de conținut, un fel de desen animat și nimic mai mult.

      Indiferent de rezultatul alegerilor din 24 noiembrie, vom ieși din această campanie sleiți de ură, de invective și mai frustrați decât eram ȋnainte de declanșarea lor. Nu știu cât vom fi câștigat, dar știu sigur că ne-am pierdut cumpătul, măsura, poate chiar și prieteni, ne-am pierdut pe noi pe bani mărunți.


PS. Au fost puține voci care au adus ȋn aceste zile ȋn discuție democrația, dreptul cetățenilor la informare printr-o confruntare directă televizată ȋntre cei doi candidați la președinția țării și n-am auzit nicio voce fermă din zona activismului feminist care să condamne clar și răspicat măcelărirea mediatică a candidatei aflate ȋn cursa prezidențială. Dar ce mai contează…

Houston, Houston, we have a problem and it’s not Greta Thunberg!

   If there is one huge problem besides the escalating effects of climate change, then it’s us.

  I mean us as responsible adults, facing the biggest challenge of our history and the way we are handling the truth blowing in our face. Because the reactions of some of us in the media after Greta Thunberg’s heartfelt speech at the UN is disturbing, the least to say.

  I won’t speak about the reactions some politicians around the world had. That was rightfully addressed by many good pens and journals. I will stick to social media. I’ve seen people (some of them whom I know to be otherwise educated and intelligent), furiously asking: “Who is she to call out on the world’s political leaders?! Who is she to speak at the UN assembly?!”

   Who is she? She’s a citizen of this world and thus, she’s entitled to call out on any politician, because they were elected by us to serve and represent our interest. Consequently, we have the right to call them out and they have the duty to answer us. What Greta Thunberg expressed in her passionate speech is what most of us are thinking, but we just failed to say it loudly. In her words she voiced our very much adult frustrations towards the lies we are fed by many politicians, media etc. while we are the one, down here, in the middle of reality sensing that things are getting worse every day.

    Why is she the one speaking? Because we’ve lost hope in our strength, we’ve lost trust in the institutions; we’ve lost trust in each other. And she speaks like the child in Hans Christian Andersen story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. In a world where all adults were silently supporting a lie, it was a child saying out loudly: “The Emperor is naked!” And right now, the emperor is naked.

   So where is your moral upper hand, oh, my fellow adults, when you’re embarking into the public bashing of a brave child when you support the ones who smear her name when you lend your voice to the chorus of those minimizing her endeavor and the truth of her message? How great are you in doing this?

  Where is your sound mind, your reason and mature thinking, when you fail to realize that all this campaign against this young speaker of conscience is lead/sustained/paid by those who lose the most if deep changes are to come? How can you be so oblivious of the efforts of big capital to derail the discussion from the real problem we all face, the climate change? How can you fall into this trap of petty fight over the rights of a child to express her opinion? Are we all blind? She speaks the truth, the one we lamely fail to support and defend and we choose to bring her down in the most disgraceful way? Is this an adult behavior?

  Years ago, when the melting of the polar ice unraveled new territories, all I could read in the news was the hope for….possible new sources of fossil fuel. The voice of scientists worrying about the loss of the icecap, the global climate effects and the loss of habitat for polar animals was turned down, muffled by the happy counting of money on the part of the capital. Where were you then, oh, you mighty Greta bashers? Where was your voice?

  Global climate change is a reality and its costs are unforeseeable. I am a Nature lover, living in a continental temperate climate area. We used to have 4 distinct seasons. In less than my lifetime, we have lost one of them: Spring. So what, you might ask? Why is that such a problem?

  It is a huge problem, first of all, because such a change occurred in a very short time compared to any other similar change in climate history. Second, it is a problem because that was a season of gradual returning to life of the whole natural world. It allowed plants to emerge to life after winter in a well set and long, long rehearsed chain of actions. Everyone knew its time and place; the whole complexity of ecosystems was relying on this gradual warming up, on the soft rains and the mild sunshine. The farmers who feed us, who have fed and keep feeding the world were always relying on the clockwork of seasonal changes, on the predictability of climate at a larger scale.

  My family and I, we are weekend gardeners. We are not depending on our crops, but we know firsthand what unpredictability means for those working the land. In 2019 we saw weather extremes from March to August and I cannot expect less from the remaining days of this year. We had catastrophic hail storms, floods, prolonged cold and severe draught. I live in a big city where I have clean, clear tap water coming from the nearby mountains. Each time I let it run, I recall the dry floor of the forest and the mountains where people have foolishly cut down the forests for petty profit. I wonder how long will last our freshwater source…I wonder how much draught can the forest take before it starts to die. I wonder how the farmers will feed their families and their animals if the weather keeps ruining their work…I wonder who knows about this, who cares about this, who will speak for them, for us, for the whole world.

  I am grateful to the child who speaks in my name.

  I am grateful that she voices my thoughts.

   We should grow up and step in, giving back her hope that we are able to make the change.

   She deserves to be a child; it’s her childhood we are wasting now.

The DreamCatcher Girl

The DreamCatcher Girl with her Dreamcatcher and a bubble of Dream
Clay doll
The DreamCatcher Girl and her Blue Fox
Clay dolls
The Blue Fox
The DreamCatcher Girl with her bag of dreams and her Blue Fox

This is a clay doll made after a character from one of my published stories, “Mirror in the Abyss”. The DreamCatcher Girl is a both a Fantasy character and a real one, as it’s a very personal character.

Somewhere deep inside, my wandering spirit is a DreamCatcher girl, from the eons old Clan of Dreamers and storytellers. This is my first handmade doll….my skills are those of a hopeful beginner.


In memoriam profesorul CONSTANTIN MAXIMILIAN

In curand vor fi 22 de ani de la plecarea dintre noi a distinsului om de stiinta, profesorul Constantin Maximilian. Fata de ceea ce am scris acum 3 ani, nimic nu s-a schimbat….in bine. Ramane sa-i pastram memoria, opera, cu speranta ca se va face lumina si prin lumea academica romaneasca intr-o buna zi.


La data de 11 aprilie 2016 s-au împlinit 19 ani de cand a plecat dintre noi, discret şi prea putin evocat, profesorul CONSTANTIN MAXIMILIAN, medic, genetician, ilustru om de ştiinţă, membru corespondent al Academiei Romane.

In sumara biografie de pe Wikipedia citim:

« Constantin Maximilian, un mare genetician și unul din pionierii relansării bioeticii în România, în formula sa modernă, a formulat pentru acest domeniu următoarea definiție concisă: bioetica este un punct de întâlnire al tuturor celor care urmăresc destinul uman supus presiunilor știintei”[1]

În 1958, Constantin Maximilian a organizat primul laborator de genetică medicală din România. A redactat peste 20 de volume de antropologiebioetică și genetică umană, între care Dicționarul Enciclopedic de Genetică, apărut în 1984. »

Textul continua cu evocarea carierei bogate şi inovative ale domnului profesor, a contribuţiei sale importante  într-un domeniu de varf al ştiinţei şi a recunoaşterii muncii sale pe plan naţional…

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The Red Thread of Love and Fate


Drawing on paper ink gel pen, wax crayons, gold tempera. Illustration for “Wild Woman” story. Enjoy! 🙂