Love is a Shooting Star. Illustration for a love story


Drawing on paper in color pencils, acrylic and ink gel pen. It’s another illustration made for the “Shooting Star” story. It looks like this time drawing works easier than writing ;). Enjoy!


KOI-Dance of love. Illustration


Drawing on paper in color pencils, acrylic, gel ink pen. Illustration for “Shooting Star” story. Enjoy the symbolic fish, dancing for a love lost in the stars.


The sand of the hourglass turns into tears

Heavily falling

Inside a space

Where Time slowly evaporates.

I sit here and the sand of the shore is fading around me

The beach is turning into a river under my feet.

I jump from my vantage point

Of the dark, rugged rock,

Splashing the mix of sands and water.

The Sea has already turned into mist

And Time has died with the last cry of the seagulls.



One word, two words

Like rows of pearls.

Ideas, ideals entwining,


A smile, a laughter

Some serious talk.

Emotions erupting

In poetry lines.


How come that we know each other so well?

When did our words turn feelings in streams?





Why is this happening ?

Why me?

Why now?


I did not ask for it!


In denial

I’m torn


Resistance is futile.


From the Stars Above-Illustrations (4)



Echoes inside

Mist colored moss invades my branches, hanging from above in veils of despair…

The frozen sap of love, crystallized in my inner circles,

Is painfully stretching the walls of my soul…

In the night of the Blood Moon, the light is a dagger and the ocean bleeds out with each and every wave…

The hour-glass breaks under the weight of Time, the bits of moments scattering in noisy roll…


The shards of the echoes are tearing apart the fabric of my soul and I slowly die in the agony of loss…

Inside the crimson thud of my broken heart the grain of hope peacefully sleeps.


Tide of Time

The tide of Time has left me ashore.

On the blazing white sands I am withering in the pouring light.

My contours are fading.

Love is rushing through me like sap in a tree.

As I slowly dissolve, fine particles of glow permeating my drifting bits, love spreads in rivulets, seeping between the rounded grains of nacreous sands.

The memory of what I once was is floating above the eternal sea.

A wave is rising high, washing me inside.

Diluted in her gently rocking body, I become the sea.

Night falls over the world and the Universe is reborn on the canvas of the sky.

The love soaked shores are scintillating under the stars.

Waves are constantly moving back and forth, surging, receding as their rasp is turning into a soft lullaby.

Devoid of my substance, I turn into emotions.

I am thirst, I am yearning, I am loss…..