Ariel-Illustration ” I am who I say that I am!”

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Drawing on paper in ink gel pen, acrylic and wax crayon. When you look in the mirror, you can see your own reflection the way others cannot. “I am who I say that I am!”-says Ariel. He’s perfectly right!


Touch the Stars. Illustration

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Touch the fabric of the Universe and stars will bounce on the tip of the waves….I Illustration drew on paper, in acrylic, ink gel pen and aqua crayons.  Enjoy!

Serenity. Illustration

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Serenity and modesty is what my little Thai Buddha statue is suggesting, at least for me. Inspired by it and by the enchanting travel photos of  my good friend, Quietblogster (, I decided to try my luck with this composition.

It’s drawing on paper and I used metalic acrylic color that looks reddish bronze from one angle and golden from another. I also used wax crayons and ink gel pens. Enjoy!

Children of Rainbow Universe. Green Spirit. Illustration


Drawing on paper in color pencils, water color, ink gel pen and acrylic. Just dreaming about my flying humans and the colorful diversity of the Universe.Maybe they’ll come true one day. Or maybe reality will surpass all imagination in a good sense. I am optimistic :). Till then, enjoy!