Orion 2 Beyond…





Ten years have passed since then. The Planet was healing beautifully; it looked like humans and their land never got so well together since the day the Cetras have descended on the very young Gaia.

Genesis’ and Orion’s attempt to expand the Banora White to other regions has proven to be a real success. Blooming and ripening orchards were scattered all over the planet and new products of the fragrant fruit were created almost on a daily basis, much to the pleasure of the customers. The World Regenesis Organization has gained a well deserved reputation for the recovering of the large areas affected by the exploitation of Mako and by the latest conflict generated by the abominable Jenova. The Gaians were happy and trustful about their future. Only a very small area of the planet’s surface was still barren; it was the Northern Crater, the place where once Jenova landed with the Meteor. It looked liked this particular area needed a very peculiar solution that wasn’t found yet. Though Reeve Tuesti and his team of dedicated and gifted scientists were working hard to find a solution to heal this last scar on the planet’s skin, they weren’t reaching any satisfactory result.

Reeve has acknowledged another peculiarity in their surrounding; all of the former Soldiers, all those who have been subjected to the Jenova–cell treatment had quietly  vanished  over the last ten years. Only Genesis was still alive and well but he was known as the appointed Guardian of the Planet and he was clearly protected by the Goddess Minerva. On the other side there was Orion, child of Sephiroth, bearing all his father’s features but protected both by Gaia and Minerva. Reeve shrugged and dismissed these troubling thoughts. Genesis and Orion were his long-time friends. The solution for the problem of the Northern Crater must be somewhere else…

Yet Reeve Tuesti was pretty close to the real problem. The planet has almost completed her healing process and there was only one obstacle in her way in closing the hurtful gap: Orion. The young man was the last remnant living on the planet surface who carried Jenova’s cellular legacy. As long as he lived there, Gaia was unable to finish the healing process. On the other hand, he was the one that saved her from Jenova so removing him without his consent was out of question even for the Planet. It was greatly disturbed by the fact that It had to talk him into leaving his life long before time. And there was Orion’s great love for Genesis…

As time was ticking, the Planet and the Goddess decided to contact Orion. There was no more time left; if the planet wasn’t completing the healing process, It would have become unstable and dangerous for the humans.

Orion sensed something; for weeks he has had moments of weakness and short black-outs that he was carefully hiding from Genesis. That night he slept badly. Glimpses of his entire life, his struggle and fight against Jenova were surfacing from time to time from the troubled waters of the dreams.  The whole scenery cleared as a sudden glow enveloped the surroundings and Minerva appeared in front of him.  Orion could clearly sense another presence behind her: it was the Planet.

-Orion-said the Goddess in a grave voice. Meet us tomorrow at the Cavern. We have to talk. There’s a good chance now that Genesis would be in Midgar. Please! It’s very important.

Before Orion could answer her the image blurred and he fell back into the dark waters of the Land of Nod.  The rest of the night went on uneventful, yet the morning found him tired and deeply disturbed. He did his best to avoid any question from Genesis. Luckily his companion was busy to put things in order for the meeting he was about to have in the capital city. After a quick breakfast they parted and Genesis drove off. Orion followed him until the road shrank and plunged into the greenery stretching all over the horizon. He sighed then took out his car and proceeded towards the Great Banora Cavern.


As business went on smoothly, Genesis finished long before he expected. The city has grown bigger and more colorful. Though he was slightly tempted to look around for a while, he soon discovered that there’s no fun for him without Orion. The feelings have not faded at all during the ten years spent together. Genesis decided to turn back home to Banora.

He arrived shortly after noon and found the house empty. There were no signs of Orion around and the car was missing. Genesis was surprised; it wasn’t like Orion to vanish without a trace. He asked around but it seems that nobody saw him leaving. Genesis meticulously recalled all the moments they’ve spent in the morning. He suddenly remembered that his loved one looked paler than usual and that he was somehow silent and seemed preoccupied. Even when they parted, there was a tint of despair in his embrace…

As hours passed by, Genesis became increasingly frustrated and worried. He was just about to explode when he detected the faint hum of a car motor. In a few moments, Orion’s car parked in front of the house. Genesis flew out the door in a mix of worry and anger. He arrived just in time; the memory flash helped him act in a split second. He caught Orion before he could hit the ground. He carried him inside and laid him on a sofa.

Soon the younger man got back to his senses; he opened his eyes and looked right into Genesis’s sparkling blues.

-Where were you?! What happened?! Why haven’t you left a notice?! I was worried sick…

Pain washed over Orion’s handsome face.

-I couldn’t…I was at the Cavern, summoned by Minerva and the planet.

Genesis was puzzled.

-Why? What’s wrong?


Orion sighed.

-Genny…I’m dying. The Planet kills me slowly; it has to. No…please, listen. I am the last remnant of Jenova. The Planet cannot close the Northern Crater area because of my Jenova genes. They interfere with its healing power and if this closure is not performed soon, then the Planet will become unstable and dangerous for the Gaians. So it’s all up to me; I have to join the Lifestream before time. There is no other choice….

Genesis sat in silence then asked in a muffled voice:

-How much time do we have?

-Not much…it ends this evening…

Orion’s voice broke. He closed his eyes trying to hold back the tears that were running down his cheeks. Genesis sat next to him and held him close, burying his face in the silver strands. Orion’s body shook as he sobbed quietly for a while; Genesis bit his lips in anger and despair.

-Read me “ Loveless”, Genny-whispered the young man. I love the sound of your voice…

Genesis complied; he emptied his mind and opened the book they both loved. He started to read with his velvety, chanting voice while he held Orion as he was leaning against his shoulder. The shadows of the night covered the meadows and hills and the stars lit, one by one. Genesis kept reading like he was reading for his life…In fact, he was; life without Orion was meaningless and empty.

When the last line was over, Orion was already in a state of suspended animation. He wasn’t conscientious but he wasn’t gone either. He couldn’t enter the Lifestream; their connection was too strong. Genesis took a swift decision. He left a short note for Reeve Tuesti and then took Orion in his car and drove off to the Cavern.



He placed Orion in a comfortable spot and looked around; he knew that the Goddess was watching them. She quickly appeared and Genesis faced her defiantly.

-Give him back to me-he said, looking straight in her eyes.

-It’s not possible; you know well by now, Genesis. He has to go. I’m sorry.

-Then I’ll go to. I have no wish to stay behind.

-It’s not your time yet-protested Minerva. Besides, you’re the Guardian of the Planet. I have appointed you, remember.

Genesis laughed a short, bitter laugh.

-The planet can take care of itself by now; it doesn’t need me. But I need Orion. And he doesn’t want to leave; not without me. You have no other choice but to release us together!

The Goddess watched him with sorrowful eyes.

-I’m jealous, Genesis. You’re ready to give up on me for this mortal. I could make you immortal. What can he give to you?

-All I ever needed: himself and his love. I don’t need anything else. Not even your immortality. Let us go together. Peacefully. Please.

Minerva watched him silently for a moment; Genesis stood her stare. She lowered her face and whispered:

-So be it. Good by, Genesis Rhapsodos…

There was a sudden gush of strong wind and Genesis plunged into darkness. He woke up dizzy and nauseating. He was lying on his back in the grass, eyes closed. The air had a strange scent; pleasant but unfamiliar. He stirred, trying to clear his mind.

-Are you going to sleep all day here, Genesis? –came a deep baritone voice from above him.

Genesis’ eyes popped open and he quickly sat up, looking incredulously at the dark, handsome guy in front of him.

-Angeal? What are you doing here? Where am I?

His old friend laughed and helped him to his feet.

-You just fell from the skies –he heard the purring soft voice behind him. He took a sharp turn and bumped into Sephiroth. The Legendary Soldier watched him with a grin, laughing silently.

-Wait.Wait. Are we in the Lifestream?

-No-answered Angeal. In fact we are somewhere…behind it. This is The Promised Land of the Cetra. We ended up here by the courtesy of the planet. We cannot go back but we’re fine here. All those subjected to the Jenova experiments were transferred here. Luckily. Of course, the Planet disposed of our tormenters…

-Just in case you missed Hollander…Sephiroth gave a friendly push to his longtime friend.

Genesis grinned and shook his head.

-No, thanks. Seph, have I landed alone ?

-No. Don’t worry. He is the house with Caitlin. He is still asleep but he’ll be fine. Thank you for standing up for him.

Genesis felt immensely relieved. He looked around for the first time. It was a beautiful land, peaceful and buoyant with life. Another…Gaia. There were charming houses scattered all over the place, with blooming gardens and …Banora White orchards. There were birds and butterflies and a translucent, blue sky above, with fluffy flocks of clouds floating slowly.

-Do you all live here?-he asked incredulously.

Angeal smiled and patted his back.

-We are and so would both of you. There is a perfect place meeting your taste. It’s right there, beyond that spot of trees. We already fixed it for you when we heard that you’d be about to come.

-Who told you that?

-It was the Planet. It contacted us while you were pleading with the Goddess. The Planet has already guessed the outcome of that conversation. She realized that neither you, nor Orion would part from the other. On the other hand, it was a more suitable solution for the Planet itself. It felt badly about hurting any of you…

Genesis felt his heart warming up.

-Thank you, guys…he murmured. I am a lucky bastard.

-So you’re Genesis!-said a pleasant voice from the house.

Genesis turned and saw a smiling, pretty brunette crossing the grassy spot and watching him with undisclosed curiosity. There was a soft, warm glow surrounding her and Genesis felt a pang in his heart. He could easily identify that glow; just like his mother, Orion had the same soothing aura. Overwhelmed by the sudden burst of emotion,   the Crimson Soldier turned red and remained speechless, much to his old friends’ amusement.

-Well, Caitlin-chuckled Sephiroth while Angeal was smirking –you managed to rend our friend mute. That is almost the equivalent of a miracle…

-Can I see him now?-came a coarse whisper from Genesis.

Caitlin smiled and pushed him gently towards the house.

-Go! He’ll be soon awake.

The redhead turned and fled away.

-Shame on you, boys!-said Caitlin, looking to the two Soldiers. Tormenting your poor friend like this…Come, let’s take a walk. After all, they deserve some privacy.

The house was pleasantly cool and shaded. Silence was deep but somehow soothing. Genesis stopped for a moment, trying to detect the room where Orion was asleep. Finally he spotted the cracked door and hurried to the small bedroom. His love was still adrift in the realm of dreams but was slightly stirring as the waters of that elusive world were clearing and thinning. Like somebody surfacing from the depths, he took a deep breath and sighed. The translucent green eyes opened right into the piercing azure ones.

-Genny…-whispered the younger man, happy and amazed by his lover’s sight.

-Precious…you’re back, thanks to the Goddess! Genesis was relieved to see that life and color have returned to Orion’s face. He helped him up and they embraced each other closely.

-How did you end up with me here? –asked Orion. It wasn’t your time yet…

-I’ve told you several times before that I would not give up on you, no matter what. It seems that the same happened to you: the Planet was unable to separate us and the Goddess had to give in to my request. They both sent us to the Promised Land of the Cetras. It seems that we would be safe here. By the way, your family and my friends are also here…

-Mom? Is my mother here? –Orion watched incredulously his lover.

-Seph is here to along with Angeal and many more… Come, let’s go out and find them. I suspect they’ve left us alone on purpose…Genesis chuckled and ran his fingers through Orion’s silver strands.

The younger man laughed softly and they both got out, looking for the rest of the team.




During that week, Genesis and Orion moved to their own house. It was a small piece of jewelry, friendly and familiar. They felt home in an instant. Just as Angeal told them, they had their own Banora White orchard. The following weeks they met a lot of new people from this enchanted land and learned about how things work. Just like the Cetras long before, they became some kind of a Cosmic Guardians for young planets and emerging civilizations.


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