Orion Chapter 12-15 StepONE and…/Recovery and getting happy


Chapter 12. Step One and a surprise visit through Step 2



It was almost morning when we broke up to get some sleep and return to the planning board. I don’t remember how Genesis managed to drive home; he was exhausted to. Light blue shades were underlining his intent eyes. I was so tired I could’ve slept on the floor; luckily Genesis dragged me to the bed and…I don’t remember anything from there.

To my eternal shame he was the first to wake up in the morning and fix the breakfast for both of us. I loved his cooking; Angeal had taught him well. I woke up realizing that the challenge of our lives has been set in motion the previous evening. I washed and stumbled into the kitchen, much to Genesis’ amusement.

-Don’t break a leg, kid. Not now when you’re our shining star…-he chuckled and took a sip of coffee, watching me with a playful smile.

I laughed and shook my head to wake up entirely. I’ve eaten my breakfast and took a glass of Banora Apple juice. It was better than any coffee. Genesis continued to smile with satisfaction.

-You were great, kid. It warmed my heart to see Rufus swallowing his bile and admitting his own defeat. On the other hand, things are now turning deadly serious. Reeve already called and told me that they are ready to close on Jenova but you have to give them the spot. As soon as you’re ready, we have to go to him. The Sister Ray has been adapted to this particular task.

I jumped to my feet and in seconds we were on the way. Step One was about to start.


Reeve was watching excitedly as the guiding ray searched through the Lifestream. Orion was connected mentally to the ray and was looking for his father and Jenova. But it wasn’t an easy task; the Lifestream turned into a dense, mushy mass with powerful currents, threatening to wash him away. Several times he felt lost and crushed by the power of the green flow of energy. It was Caitlin’s loving guidance that helped her son through the turmoil. She slowly took him near the Vortex of darkness generated by Jenova and Reeve instantly connected the modified Sister Ray on that hot spot. He also brought back Orion to protect him from the monster’s retaliation.

As the walls built around the swirling black mist the temperature inside the enclosure rose dangerously; Jenova, realizing what was happening was exploding in rage. Despite the fact that he’s been disconnected from there, Orion felt deep inside his mind the pain of his father and the rage of the maddened creature mixing in a speeding whirlwind inside the hardening Mako-cage. Reeve “played” the key board of the commanding computer like a real wizard, not letting even for a moment Jenova to skip out from her hardening cell.

It took hours while the battle raged, draining all the energy from the scientist and tormenting Orion with an excruciating head ache. Jenova gave a last shriek as the Cage closed around her and Sephiroth. She could not harm the Lifestream anymore; the planet itself sighed imperceptibly and relaxed from the more than 2000 year old poisonous pressure.

Genesis relaxed to; Orion was safe for now though he was slumped along with Reeve Tuesti on the couch. The scientist has done his part brilliantly. Genesis prepared some energizing apple juice and handed them both. He took a glass for himself and sat down, watching them slowly getting stronger. Reeve called Rufus and debriefed him about all the success of their first mission. Now it was a question of a few days to embark to the Starship and extract the prisoners from the Lifestream and get as far from the planet as they could.

Genesis drove Orion home and ordered him to rest. Step Two was increasingly dangerous and he needed a full recovery. He watched over his sleep, wondering how much this untrained young mind could endure. Letting Orion to damage himself was not an option for Genesis; he has made a promise at Caitlin’s grave and beside, Orion was far too important for him to. The Commander growled in frustration as he watched the quietly sleeping youth.

“You’re driving me crazy, kid…I ended up baby-sitting you…desperately.”

The starship was ready next day by mid-morning so they embarked hurriedly. Reeve showed them that Jenova’s pressure on the cage was rising with each moment; she wanted out. It took them almost half of the day to leave the Lifestream and take a proper position towards the cage. The tracking beam closed on the cage and the ship begun to rise slowly towards the Sun. As the cage left the Lifestream, Jenova’s struggle lost from its velocity. She wasn’t able to feed on the Energy of the planet. Yet the pressure constantly built up inside Orion. He knew that Step Three was about to be put on stage.

Reeve showed Orion, Genesis and Vincent the two special containers for the separation of Sephiroth from Jenova. The starship slowed down and stopped at a safe distance from the planet.

As they prepared for the separation the Ship’s alarm system started. Something huge was outside, near them. Reeve opened the communication system hoping to capture an unusual sound since there was nothing detectable outside. Then the space around them undulated and a magnificent alien Starship emerged from its cloak of invisibility. It was of epic proportion compared to their young starship. The communication screen cracked and a humanoid face looked straight to them and greeted them in an approximate Gaian language.

-We’re a Patrol ship from the Guardians of the Universe. Please excuse us for interfering but we would like to come to your ship if you allow us.

From the oval face two golden eyes speckled with blue were looking them with intelligence and respect. Reeve greeted the Chief Guardian and invited him aboard. It was so sudden and unexpected that they had no time to think it over.

The delegation of three guardians landed almost instantly in the room. They were about Orion’s height and were very close to humans. After a brief exchange of greetings and basic information, the Chief Guardian explained the reason why they asked for the meeting.

-You have a creature in your custody, the one you call Jenova. We are here to collect her and bring her to justice. She’s a fugitive and even after such a lengthy time her crimes are still fresh in the memory of the planets she almost ruined. We couldn’t approach your planet because our technology would’ve damaged the Lifestream. We kept your entire civilization under surveillance and we cherish it. You have to know that your planet and the whole system are unique in the Universe. We can help you separate Jenova from her symbiotic victim.

Reeve turned to his companions questioningly.

-Is there a good chance to separate my father safely from her?-asked Orion with rising hope.

-Yes. We’ll clean him from her tiniest connection and he could regain his own identity.

-Well-said Reeve-in that case we should start as soon as possible. Jenova is not a complacent prisoner. The problem is who would connect with them to send the separating beam. It’s highly dangerous.

Genesis stepped in front, cutting off Orion with a short gesture.

-I know, kid that you want to do it but I’m the only trained SOLDIER here. There’s no need for unnecessary sacrifice…

Orion watched him silently and shook his head with a secret smile.

-Genesis, please…This is my task and I want to do it. Stay by my side and I’ll manage.

-The young man is right; he’s a better subject. From what I can detect in his mind he already has established a good connection with his father. You also have one but it’s older and it faded through time. Don’t worry; we’ll keep him safe, just stay close to him.

As the basics were finally agreed, they all hurried to stage the separation.


Chapter13. Jenova


The chamber was isolated and it had a strong force field surrounding it. The Guardians created another extra enclosure inside the secluded separation chamber. There were two separated, special conceived tanks, each with a transparent front door. These two tanks were connected to another one that held the interconnected energetic form of Jenova and Sephiroth, brought inside from the Cage. Even if the container and the protective force field were unbreakable, tension was slowly filling up the space of the room.

Jenova’s powerful, mad personality almost shone through the special built walls. She was deeply enraged, frantically searching for the slightest chance to break free and take revenge over her captors. As the preparations ended it was Orion’s turn to lie down and connect to the mixed energetic forms and open the way for the Guardians to separate them. Orion was strapped to the bed and he was connected to the intricate energetic system. He closed his eyes and plunged into the depth of his own mind, searching for the connecting point with Sephiroth.

His mind moved cautiously, searching for the proper signal before it was sucked all of a sudden into the raging storm inside the steel cell. The darkness around him was boiling hot, with whirling currents that tried to rip him apart. He moved relentlessly until he felt the presence of that shimmering grain of light. He closed on it with all his strength and will and let the Guardians penetrate into that world through his mind.

The guardians came like a glowing red blade, cutting trough that clawing, biting, swarming darkness that was Jenova’s personality. She fled than turned and bit back, spitting venom and fire, shredding the space around her, trying to kill every inch of light. But the glowing redness followed her, slashing her bit by bit, slowly creating a clear space around that spot where Orion kept himself braced against his father’s fading energy form. The red rapier of light turned into a close-knit net, gathering Jenova’s dark form piece by piece. Her fury burst all over like a deadly flood, trying to escape from the closing net. But her fate was sealed; more and more of her content was captured inside the glowing red filaments and her connection with Sephiroth thinned every moment.

She turned her attention to Orion’s spirit connected to Seph. She made a sharp turn towards him and the concentrated dark matter clawed through the youth’s connection, trying to tear him down. Outside, in the separation room all that the bystanders saw was a sudden burst of darkness out of nowhere cutting through Orion’s chest, tearing the skin and flesh. Blood gushed through the wound and the young man almost lost consciousness. He held strong as the pain tore him like a fiery knife. The contact wavered as he struggled to stand back Jenova’s kill. In a split second Genesis realized that he was about to lose Orion; his mind expanded and reached Sephiroth, breaking the last tie that held him connected to the monstrous creature. She fell back with a deafening shriek and the net closed around her, isolating and cutting down her power over Sephiroth and anybody else. Inside the tank containing her energetic form the darkness was still swirling but there was no escape. She was sent instantly to the ship above and the Guardians turned to help the wounded Orion.

Genesis has already use Cure but the wound inflicted by Jenova wasn’t healing easily. The Guardians gave a shot to Orion and the pain subsided for the moment.

-It will heal in time; Jenova’s touch is poisonous so your body needs some time to eliminate the toxins. Take some rest; you did great, young Gaian. Your father is safe.

-Thank you- whispered Orion. Thank you all…She almost got me.

The Guardians left Orion with Genesis while they talked to Reeve and to Vincent. They left a message for the planet to be delivered to the inhabitants of the planet, explaining all that was related to Jenova and redeeming The Legendary SOLDIERs. The two starships split and each of them took its own way.

Reeve transferred Sephiroth’s form into the body synthesizer.

-It will take some time-he said to Genesis and Vincent. You should look after Orion and I’ll call you when we’re ready.

They agreed and turned to Orion; the youth was exhausted from the intense struggle and the blood loss. He was half asleep. Genesis lifted and carried him to his room where he tucked him in bed. Vincent took some rest to, waiting for Tuesti’s call.

Genesis wiped off the sweat from the youth’s forehead; Orion sighed and opened his eyes.

-You saved me-he whispered almost inaudibly. Thank you, Genesis…

-You scared the hell out of me, kid. It’s good to have you back…Now, get some strength before you can meet your father. I’ll let you know when he’s here, ok?

Orion gave a small smile.

-Ok but…don’t go away yet. Stay with me…

He slowly drifted into the world of dreams as Genesis sit there, watching him, not daring to make out too much of those few words.

Genesis was troubled by his own feelings. His whole life was upside-down; his best friend was about to come back from the dead while he was developing deep feelings towards his friend’s son…This was a total mess, yet Genesis couldn’t help but let things go on and find their proper way. He sat and watched over the young man, his fingers playing with the silver strands spread over the pillow…

Vincent knocked at the door.

-Genesis…he called in a restrained voice. Come, it’s almost ready.

He saw Orion sleeping.

-Let him rest for a while; you need your own time with your friend. We’ll be back for him later.



Chapter 14. Sephiroth



The pressurized tank opened with a hiss; a hand grabbed the rim of the tank and a human form emerged from the mist inside. It was a man in his mid-forties, well built, graceful and quite handsome. The long, thick silver hair was flowing and enveloping him like an eerie curtain of liquid light. He dressed up with the clothes he found outside the tank then turned towards the three men watching him behind the large glass window. The moment he recognized Genesis, the green, cat-like eyes filled with joy and he smiled.

He opened the door.

-Genesis…he said in his deep, velvety voice. It’s been a while, old friend!

The two SOLDIER hugged for long moments.

-Seph, my friend!-burst out Genesis. I thought I’d never see you again! Aren’t you mad at me?! Am I forgiven?

Sephiroth shook his head and laughed his silent laugh.

-Don’t be silly, Genny! I grew wiser and I’ve learned a lot all these miserable years. I can see that you’ve matured to, though you’re younger now than me…huh

Genesis grinned, his azure eyes lighting up with happiness. He introduced Sephiroth to Reeve and Vincent.

-I’m grateful for all you did for me and my son-said Seph, shaking hands with them.

-I tried to compensate for all that I couldn’t do for you-said Vincent. You have a fine boy. He’s under Genesis’ wings now-he added with a small smile.

-I hope you haven’t told him all about our younger years?-chuckled Sephiroth looking straight to his old friend.

Genesis reddened and then they all burst into laughter. They talked for about an hour then Reeve and Vincent left the two Legendary SOLDIERs alone.

-Where is he? –asked Sephiroth. Can I see him now?

-He’s asleep. Let’s pay him a visit-said Genesis. I promised him that I’d wake him up when you’d be ready.

They found Orion still sleeping. Sephiroth was visibly touched watching the young man that was sleeping peacefully like a child.

-Though he looks like me, I can see how he resembles to his mom. It is her cheerful, optimistic spirit that fills him from inside. I’m glad that he was raised in love-Sephiroth’s voice trailed.

-Seph…Genesis put a hand on his friend’s shoulder.

-I watch his face and I wonder what have they done to us…We were just like him; fragile boys, filled with dreams and hopes…They used us and they broke us for their selfish purposes…Monsters!

Sephiroth’s face clouded in pain and frustration, remembering the past. He kept silent for a few moments, hiding his face from Genesis. Finally, he sighed deeply, shook his head and turned to his friend with a gentle smile.

-Genny, my friend! Don’t worry; I’m OK. I’m far beyond that.

He sat on the rim of the bed and placed a hand on Orion’s hand. The youth stirred in his sleep and opened his eyes.

The light-green eyes looked into the Mako-green ones with split pupils…Orion sat up abruptly, watching in disbelief the impressive man sitting face to face with him.

-Father…he whispered and almost choked on the overwhelming emotions.

-You have your mother’s smile and her aura-said Sephiroth and helped his son up.

They stood there, watching each other for moments. Orion was more slender and gracious while Sephiroth was a little taller and he kept his overwhelmingly powerful appearance. Years and years of pain and agony under Jenova’s constant torment matured him but since he became free of her entirely he has lost his previous stiffness.

He felt relieved and relaxed and even his dry sense of humor surfaced more easily this time. Genesis was mesmerized as he looked from one to another. They were so alike yet so different. His own feelings were slowly clearing up while he watched them closely.

Sephiroth was his closest friend and a brother in arms. They shared a deep connection and an equally deep friendship.

But Orion was something else. He was the one who warmed up his soul and made him feel alive again. Though he was ten years older than the youth, Genesis held a small, almost foolish hope that there was something real and personal in Orion’s words that he said previously…

Father and son embraced for the first time, each of the savoring the brand new feeling. Genesis silently closed the door behind him.

They all reunited around the table late in the evening. Each of them lived the events in his own way; Reeve Tuesti was excited as ascientist, Vincent Valentine felt relieved for the first time in his life, Genesis was absentminded and slightly disturbed by father and son. Sephiroth was at peace, calm and restrained while the youngest member of the team was highly excited.

-I’ve contacted Gaia and I’ve distributed the message left by The Guardians. It was an instant hit! You’re most welcomed to the planet! This whole expedition became the highlight of the day and for the days to come. Even Rufus sends his greetings!

Sephiroth smirked at the news.

-I wish I could see his face while he had to make his apologies…

Genesis chuckled.

-Orion cornered him and he had to admit defeat! It was a gem!

They all laughed and resumed the evening. They were all exhausted and the following day they were ready to turn back to Gaia. While they split for the night, Sephiroth stopped Genesis.

-Old pal, let’s talk a little bit. Come to my room. You don’t mind, son? We still have topics to discuss…

Genesis shut the door behind him; he looked to his friend questioningly.

-Sit down, Genny. You know that I’m not coming back to Gaia, aren’t you?

Genesis was taken aback.

-But why?!

-Genny, I don’t belong there. I’m happy that I had the chance to see you once again and to hold my son in my arms. But it’s not my time; it’s a new era. Two Sephiroths would be more than the world can face.

-What about me?!-exclaimed Genesis desperately.

-You stay here and take care of my son. Don’t be silly and don’t make him unhappy!

Genesis blushed and turned away.

-I don’t know what you are implying…

-Genesis, don’t lie to me! You’ve almost cut me in half to protect him!

-He’s your living legacy!

-No! He’s a bright young man with an identity of his own, with hopes and dreams of his own! He deserves a life of his own! He’s my son and I won’t overshadow his future.

Sephiroth stood up and went to the port-hole and looked into the deep space sprinkled with stars. Genesis came close and embraced his friend.

-We had such a short time…Do you think he will understand your reasons?

Genesis was thinking about Orion’s reaction. Sephiroth sighed.

-Help him through, my friend. But I’ll talk to him first. He already knows more about me than I know about him. I don’t want to leave like this.

They embraced, holding each other close; Genesis left to look for Orion. He found him in his cabin, gazing into the air.

-What’s wrong, kid?-asked him though he knew that the youth must have sensed something from Sephiroth’s voice tone.

-He’s not coming back, isn’t it?

The young man’s voice broke as he finished the question.

-He’s waiting for you. Go to him, kid, don’t waste precious time…

Genesis was unable to face Orion while he spoke. The youth stormed out from the cabin.


Sephiroth watched his son from the corner of his eyes; he was the image of his younger years, but more confident, almost cocky. He had the chance to be raised by a mother who loved him and it showed. He still sensed that the youth was troubled by something. As expected, it didn’t take him much to voice his discontent.

-I had such a short time with you, yet you’re ready to leave…I never had a father, only a story recounted over and over by mom…Orion’s voice was bitter.

-I never had a mother; my crazed scientist father let her die of heartbreak over me… You are lucky; though I never had the chance to know you I can tell you for sure that we are two who love you: your mom and …I. You are a fine young man and I feel lucky to have such a son. But I have to go; it’s my time and I feel the need to rest along those of my loved ones who are already there. You brought justice and cleared my name; you can proudly assume it now…Don’t be upset, please!

Orion sighed; he understood Sephiroth, yet he craved for his presence beside him. Sephiroth smiled shortly and continued, his velvety voice soothing slowly his son’s heartache.

-I leave you in charge of something/ somebody dear to me: take care of Genesis. Despite all the show-off, he can’t survive without his closest friends. You are very much like I was when he met me so he can easily relate to you…

-Do I look like a baby-sitter?-asked Orion with a slight edge in his voice.

-Don’t be disrespectful, young man; I’m not blind. I saw that you get along…very well…

Sephiroth chuckled watching Orion getting slightly red.

-If there’s anything you want to ask me, now it would be the time…he continued and put a hand on his son’s shoulder.

They’ve talked for hours, friendly and quietly.


The Lifestream was flowing in front of us; it was moving slowly, calmly. Its color was lighter and brighter than before. It embraced us tenderly, bringing some peace to our troubled heart. Faint whispers surrounded us and I heard mom’s voice calling me:

-Orion…Orion, my darling…You’ve made it! I’m so proud of you…Don’t be upset…

-Mom!-I shouted. I had such a short time…Everybody I loved left me! Now he’s leaving me to…

-You’re not alone…take a closer look! Live your life and be happy! We love you! Genesis…Thank you!….

I saw the genuine surprise on Genesis face; he smiled then and whispered:

-Thank you to, Caitlin…Take care of Seph!

-Genesis!-a deep, pleasant baritone called for my friend from the glowing mist and he stood there, eyes filling with sudden tears.

-Angeal…-he whispered turning brusquely in the direction of the voice.

-Genesis, it’s not your time yet, my friend…Don’t worry, we’ll meet again. Give Seph some rest…he had his fair share of fight! Take care!


Sephiroth smiled and embraced both of us; he then entered the quietly waving green light and disappeared. We looked to each other trying to get over the heartbreak.

-This was a short lived family reunion-I said as pain cut through my heart.

-Your father loved you-replied Genesis fighting his own emotions.

I knew he was right; just as my mom said, Sephiroth  always protected his few loved ones. This time it was me; he stepped aside to give me the freedom of choice for my own life. I understood him but it still hurt to lose him so soon. I swallowed my tears and turned to Genesis. His shining blue eyes were clouded by sadness; he was watching my struggle with increasing worry. He proved to be right; I felt a sharp pain in the chest and the world turned blank.


Chapter 15. Recovering and getting…happy


Genesis saw trouble coming; just seconds before he collapsed Orion turned pale. He grabbed the youth before he hit the floor and quickly left the entrance of the Lifestream. He felt the young man shivering in his arms and his skin getting hot and moist. Orion’s fever was mounting rapidly; he was barely conscious when they entered the spaceship.

As they all suspected the wound inflicted by Jenova was causing all the symptoms. Her touch was poisonous for humans and Orion never received Mako treatment to enhance his resistance to Jenova’s action. Only those enlisted to SOLDIER had been subjected to that kind of treatment and after a while it failed miserably, turning humans into monsters.

So the only hope for Orion was his young and healthy body and a lot of rest. Genesis spent almost all his time watching over him, wiping off the sweat, trying to feed him and to lower the body temperature. Orion’s health was wavering and Genesis got increasingly desperate. More than ever he felt that he’d been such a fool wasting time with stupid tribulation over his feelings when all he needed was the courage to assume them and enjoy the luck of being loved. He wasn’t going to give up on Orion!

There was a medical team waiting for them on Gaia and they rushed the young man to the hospital. Genesis had to stay with Reeve Tuesti and Vincent to meet Rufus Shin-Ra and the whole media gathered for this special event. He did his best to satisfy their insatiable curiosity, though his mind was set on Orion. It took almost two hours to get off the media and Genesis took his car and drove to the hospital. He quickly found the doctor and cornered him anxiously:

-How is he now? What can I do for him?

The doctor explained Genesis that Orion is not in immediate danger but the lingering poison and fever might undermine his health for good. He also told him that they need at least a few days to watch over the young man before they can decide a proper treatment. Until then, Genesis as his closest…relative can visit him and stay with him as much as he wants. There were things that a happy world couldn’t refuse to her saviors.

Genesis spent his next days and weeks commuting between televisions/for endless talk-shows and Orion’s sick-bed.

-You should be here instead of me-chuckled the young man watching Genesis arriving from another television-show. They’re gonna dry you out with those questions and invitations. I’m afraid you have to do my share to…

-You just get well, kid-grumbled Genesis, fighting to catch his breath. I already had enough of the publicity around us! I’m afraid I might find a reporter at home hiding in the closet…

Orion laughed and got off from the bed. He encircled Genesis’ neck with both arms and looked deep into his eyes.

-Take me home, Genesis. To Banora. This way we can escape all of them…

-I wish I could, kid but last time you scared me to death. You need to rest until you get over Jenova’s poison.

Orion sighed and left Genesis; he looked disappointed.

-You still don’t understand, do you? I’m not a kid and I choke here in hospital! I need space and air and I’m fed up with the sickness!

Genesis was taken by surprise by the sudden burst of rebellion. Afraid that it might cause Orion another black-out, he tried to calm him down but the young man gave him a hurt look and backed from his touch.

-No! Go away, please! Please…

He turned his back to Genesis and stood there until he heard the door closing behind his friend. He then let his emotions flow freely and he cried like a child…

Genesis left the premises in anger. What was wrong with this stubborn youth? He wanted to die or what? Why was he acting irrationally? Couldn’t he see that he, Genesis wanted to protect him? What went wrong? What was he missing in the picture? And so on…

Genesis went home/Orion’s flat in fact and sat on the balcony with a glass of apple-juice in his hands. His mind drifted and bit by bit he recounted the time he has spent with Orion since they’ve met. Darkness replaced light as the night reclaimed the city and suddenly Genesis jumped to his feet.

He quickly gathered some necessary clothes from the closets, packed them up then jumped into the car and rushed to the hospital. He found Orion sleeping deeply under the evening pills. Genesis lifted him up and he never stopped until he reached the car. He placed the young man on the front seat and tucked him into a warm blanket. He took his seat and drove off at high speed…towards Banora.


The moment the door closed behind Genesis I fell apart…What was I doing? Why have I chased him away? All he did was to worry and care for me, so why did I react so foolishly? I was so devastated I couldn’t stop crying. When the nurses found me I was collapsed on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably…They sedated me and put me in bed. I fell asleep almost instantly.

I woke up next morning and I knew I wasn’t in hospital. The air was scented; it smelled like…Banora White. I opened my eyes and I saw Genesis sitting in a soft chair next to me, leafing through one of his favorite editions of “Loveless”. He sensed that I was awake and looked right to me with a hopeful expression. I smiled while the tears were running down my face but I couldn’t care less. We looked at each other and there was no need for words, no need for explanations and no place for quarrel anymore.


For Genesis that shy but happy smile on Orion’s face was the proof that Heaven moved to Banora. As Orion sensed before, all he needed was the peaceful environment of Banora and Genesis’ closeness. In less than a week he was up and well, the temperature and the seizures gone.

In fact, Orion was radiating with happiness and so was Genesis. The weather in Banora was warm and mild so they went out every evening and sat under the large Banora White tree, counting the shooting stars and laughing.

Each night as he held Orion in his arms Genesis wondered if this wasn’t just a dream. It was too perfect and beautiful to be true. Only when finally Orion tricked him into their first kiss that Genesis let go his obsession for “ Loveless”. This wasn’t a mysterious piece of poetry; this was his life for real. So he dared to reach out for all that his young and passionate lover had to offer and bit by bit, he got it all. He never complained in the morning; he was/for sure/ the luckiest man on Gaia.

With his sanity restored, his name and pride redeemed and blessed with the love of Orion, his incomparable companion, Genesis could say that he has found the Gift of the Goddess.


Hi! I’m Orion and I guess that you know me well by now. This story ends here just to open the way for a new era. The world of SOLDIER has come to rest between the pages of history books or heroic novels.

Genesis and me, we found our peace and paradise here in Banora. You might doubt my love for him and pretend that I was looking for a father figure instead of finding somebody suitable in my own generation.

Feel free to do it; in fact you can do even your dissertation for a Ph.D on the subject.I don’t give a damn! All I know is that we love each other and that we are happy together. That’s all I need, that’s all we both need!

We both work on developing the Banora White business and we hope to start another orchard in Wutai perhaps. The climate there is generous enough and people there are open minded and truly interested in our research.

Friends come to visit from Midgar from time to time. Reeve Tuesti and even Cloud Strife come with their families and, needless to say, their children love being here. They have all the freedom they need and a lot of fun.

Vincent visits mainly in autumn and winter when the big city becomes increasingly dull and grey. We talk a lot about the legendary times; Vincent and Genesis, they both spoil me with stories and I shamelessly bask in their attention like a child.

My tragic but wonderful father, Sephiroth is at peace now, so our story ends here.

I know that other people’s happiness is of no interest to any reader. Thank you for lending me your time and attention.

Live a happy life!



Orion Crescent


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