The Lost Butterfly-a story of aliens, love and humans (1f)

Chapter 1f.

Winter was setting over the city step by step. The gloomy days of endless autumn rains were over. Day by day, frozen white stars showered from the skies, enveloping the surroundings in a blissful blanket of cold silver.

The shopping madness already erupted, the furious in and out sweeping through the city. Fuyuki’s works sold better than ever, raising his confidence and making his loved ones proud; yet the oncoming Christmas made the young man a little bit anxious. Like so many other things from everyday life, this particular event was a first for Fuyuki. Since Yoshiasu had a very crowded schedule at work he relied entirely on Angela. Luckily, she enjoyed doing things together with the young artist. She looked upon him like on a younger brother. So they bravely worked themselves through the necessary shopping and set all the details for their trip to the mountains. Fuyuki was more than happy to leave the city. The constant swarm of the town proved to be tiring. He needed a break and some personal time with Yoshiasu. And then, there was the problem of the Christmas presents; the small things for the others were already packed up. The butterfly necklace he had designed for Angela was almost ready. There was only one person left but it was the most important one for Fuyuki. He was at loss; he knew that Yoshiasu had everything money could buy, everything he needed. Well, Angela helped him pick a fine, warm pullover but it didn’t feel like a real gift. Fuyuki buried his worries deep inside, hoping that he would come up with something more personal until Christmas.

Days went by and the moment of the departure finally came. Everybody was excited. Yoshiasu was well aware that for him and Fuyuki this holiday could prove to be  a real challenge. It was their first public appearance as a couple. It was also about assuming their identity while among their friends there were  girls still holding some hope about  handsome Yoshiasu. It was a big step for Fuyuki to meet so many strangers in such a particular moment of the year; Yoshiasu was determined to keep him safe from any harm or malicious pressure. He was happy that Angela would accompany them, despite the fact that her fiancé, George was stuck abroad and couldn’t join them. They were about to meet at the New Year’s Eve Party. George was a fine guy, reliable and open minded, deeply in love with Angela. Yoshiasu hoped that he’ll accept Fuyuki easily.

Yoshiasu and Fuyuki arrived at the inn at the early hours of the 24-th of December. The landscape was spectacular and the snow was sparkling and pristine. The morning chill put some color in their cheeks. After the heavy snowfall the day before, the morning was clear and sunny. Reflecting on the ocean of snow, the light was overwhelming, blurring all the contours, seeping into every crack and corner, chasing away the bluish shadows. Amazed by the sighting, Fuyuki watched in awe the unfolding of this natural beauty. His unusual lilac eyes captured the light like two translucent pools reflecting the endless skies.

They settled in their room and went out for a walk. The rest of the group was due to come in the afternoon. Angela was arriving with the crowd; she wanted to stop for a visit to her parents who lived in a small city nearby.

As they crossed the lobby, Fuyuki noticed the Christmas tree centered in the main room. It was a two meters high, richly decorated fir tree. Fuyuki walked closer and gently ran his fingers over the branches. Sudden memories clouded his face; Yoshiasu stepped behind him, touching his shoulder.

-Do you remember anything, Fuyuki?- he asked in a reassuring voice.

-I…I remember the excitement of the expectation and that…it felt good. My memories are mostly feelings, not facts. I was very young at that time…

-Don’t get upset-said Yoshiasu and took him by the hand. Let’s go out and I’ll tell you about my ups and downs with Santa.

Fuyuki shook away the setting gloom and followed his friend. The snowy landscape had a definite appeal for both of them. They roamed all around, stumbling from time to time over a lighter heap of frozen stars.  They made snowballs and competed in throwing them faraway, they pushed each other down the small slopes and happily rolled over the fluffy sparkling blanket.  They fooled around until they tired; they finally stopped, lying down in the snow, panting from exhaustion and excitement.

From the corner of his eyes Yoshiasu watched Fuyuki smiling happily. He rose, bent over the younger man and kissed him. Fuyuki encircled his neck with his arms and kissed him back. Yoshiasu’s hand moved along Fuyuki’s body as their kissing deepened. They fell back breathless and stood there, gaze lost in the endless azure above. Moments later they heard the sound of the arriving cars; they stood up, shook the excess of snow clinging to their clothes and returned to the inn hand in hand.

Angela was just stepping out of the car when they got there. She affectionately kissed them both and asked them playfully:

-Have you already started the party?

They laughed, picked up her luggage and followed her in. Everybody got their room and after a while the lobby filled with young men and women eager to relax and start the party. The food was already on display and it proved to be delicious. They were all hungry and slaloming with a plate in hand eased the connecting between the 30 some people.

Angela chuckled and kicked Yoshiasu with the elbow from time to time, as she caught various people staring at Fuyuki. Holding his loved one by his shoulders, the computer analyst introduced him to each and every one of his friends and their companions. He did it easily and naturally, without ostentation and even the most jealous girls had to admit that Yoshiasu’s choice was…charming. As things settled, fun took over. The laughter and joy bubbled and the party turned out to be a real success. It was well past midnight when they finally returned to their rooms.

Yoshiasu showered and sat on the top of the bed with a small glass of wine, waiting for Fuyuki to shower. The room was pleasantly warm as deep cold settled outside the windows. The night sky was teaming with stars, the light above mirroring the endless glitter of the ocean of snow below. Fuyuki sat next to Yoshiasu and took the other glass. He took a small sip and looked into his friend’s eyes. The older man furrowed his brows questioningly:

-What’s wrong, Fuyuki?

The younger man sighed.

-It’s about your Christmas present…

-I’m not a child, Fuyuki. You don’t have to worry…Besides, as long as I have you, I need nothing else.

Fuyuki put his glass aside and sat face to face with Yoshiasu.

-It’s all I can give you…-he said and his voice broke.

Yoshiasu watched him intently; there was a warm light glittering in the amethyst mirrors and a slight tremble in the young man’s body. Yoshiasu  gently touched his face and the warmth of Fuyuki’s body seeped through his fingertips, making his heart run wild.

-Fuyuki, are you sure?-he asked in a restrained voice.

Fuyuki closed his eyes, letting the bathrobe slip off his shoulders. Yoshiasu laid him down and kissed him deeply. Fuyuki’s breath hitched as Yoshiasu moved down, kissing the soft curve of his neck. Senses and emotions flared up in their embrace and love moved forward, breaking down the barriers of painful memories. Fuyuki opened to Yoshiasu totally and unrestrained, seeking the magic of feelings he sought for so long. Their love making brought them high and when they reached the climax, it left them dizzy with elation.

Released from anxieties and overwhelmed by his feelings, Fuyuki was quietly sobbing, curled up in Yoshiasu’s arms. Yoshiasu squeezed him lovingly and caressed him until the tears dried and the younger man fell asleep, protected by his lover.

They woke up late, fulfilled and more in love than ever. They quickly showered and went downstairs where their friends were already opening the presents. As they were the last ones to descend, eyes turned towards them for a moment. Just like Angela, people noticed that there was a new light in Yoshiasu and Fuyuki’s eyes and a certain glow coming from inside. Even the most skeptical ones had to admit that the signs of LOVE were unmistakable in the appearance of the two young men.

So everyone returned to the unwrapping of packages and Angela greeted her two best friends.

-I have a feeling that you’ve already got your present-she chuckled.

-Do we have to admit on that?- asked Yoshiasu and they all laughed.

They sat on the floor together and started the unwrapping of the presents along with the others.


Impresii pe o margine de lume


Iarna se lasa incet-incet peste urbe; orasul se zgribuleste sub atingerea ceturilor si a diminetilor cu promoroaca. In orele imputinate ale zilei, sub cerul cenusiu si monoton cu greu realizezi ca se apropie cele mai asteptate sarbatori ale anului. Fara luminitele care sa le animeze, ghirlandele, stelele, spiralele si figurinele din beculete colorate sunt incremenite si banale. Doar vitrinele  magazinelor mai anima un pic realitatea; s-au umplut cu culoare si beteala, cu oferte senzationale de ultima ora in speranta unor vanzari mai acatarii.

Vacanta se apropie, se fac ultimele planuri pentru Craciun si Revelion. La televizor reapare eternul subiect despre “Cat cheltuie romanii de sarbatori?”. Nu prea inteleg sensul intrebarii si nici utilitatea stirii respective. In acesta intrebare se acunde  in mod ipocrit vesnicul comentariu:”Se tot plang ca sunt saraci da’vezi ce bani dau pe prostii si pe mancare si bautura?”

Desi in fiecare an numarul celor care declara ca isi pot permite tot mai putin e in continua crestere, niciodata n-am vazut un efect real, vreo reactie pertinenta si umana in randul politicienilor responsabili cu bunastarea natiunii.  Ti se strange inima vazandu-i pe cei din generatia parintilor si bunicilor nostri numarandu-si banutii pe care i-au luat de la CAR-ul pensionarilor ca sa puna o bucatica mai vizibila de carne in mancare si o bucata de cozonac pe masa de sarbatori. Degeaba…minimul sprijin promis in fiecare legislatie vine mereu dupa momentele…in care ai avea nevoie sa te simti o clipa om.

O casa cu copii mai intretine atmosfera de magie ce insoteste sarbatorile de iarna. De dragul lor cobori si Luna de pe cer ca sa acopere cu lumina sa toate inadverdentele lumii reale. Bucuria lor nealterata este o compensatie inegalabila pentru frustrarile sutelor de zile din an. Copiii te fac sa devii creativ si sa scoti margaritare si din nimic…

Spre seara lumina se strecoara in miile de beculete colorate si feeria umple strazile orasului. E un oras mare, cu ambitii pe masura; un candidat la titlul de “oras cultural European”. Este un oras universitar, cu istorie bogata si indelungata, un oras numit “al comorilor”. Centrul sau emblematic e usor de recunoscut si e mandria cetatenilor vechi sau mai noi ai urbei. Cei care vin la Cluj raman cu o impresie puternica si multi din ei isi doresc sa se stabileasca aici.

Viitoarea metropola se intinde incet dar sigur pe dealurile ce o inconjoara si se pregateste sa “inghita”comunele aflate in imediata ei apropiere. E un oras prosper si…lipsit de griji. Sunt destui care ii sustin aerul de mandrie  si sunt foarte multi care o iubesc cu adevarat. Viitorul oras cultural european nu duce lipsa de sustinatori infocati si dedicati.

Aceasta fericita ingemanare de vechi si nou ce da farmecul vizibil al urbei e completat  in mod paradoxal de zborul, cu precizie de ceasornic al stolurilor de ciori grive si de semanatura spre si inapoi de la Groapa de gunoi a orasului. Probabil majoritatea clujenilor n-au nici cea mai vaga idée unde se afla si cum arata acest element esential al civilizatiei. Noroc ca mai sunt reporteri dedicati si pasionati care trec dincolo de aparenta de bunastare a realitatii pentru a ne arata pe ce se sprijina de fapt comoditatea noastra zilnica de oraseni prosperi.

Reportajul lui Carmen Avram  despre soarta oamenilor din “Dallas”, cum ironic s-a denumit acest loc uitat de lume este o palma rasunatoare pe obrazul Primariei Cluj si a autoritatilor Statului roman. Cei care isi duc traiul zilnic acolo, la baza muntelui fumegand de miasme si descompunere, incercearca cu disperare sa recupereze, pe langa PET-uri, metale, materiale reciclabile si cate ceva de mancat, chiar daca nu intamplator au ajuns la gunoi respectivele produse fost comestibile.

Pe rampa de gunoi a Clujului universitar, cultural si bancar au crescut deja generatii de tineri care au la randul lor copii. Locuiesc in adaposturi incropite din gunoaiele recuperate, se nasc, traiesc si mor in saracia fara orizont si perspective despre care putini vor sa stie. Spre rusinea noastra, a tuturor, dar mai ales spre rusinea autoritatilor care sunt platite ca sa serveasca interesele TUTUROR cetatenilor si sa se aplece asupra nevoilor lor, dar spre norocul celor uitati de soarta, exista un cuplu de oameni sufletisti care au venit tocmai din Olanda pentru a le dovedi ca ei merita o alta soarta.

Si au reusit. Dintre fetitele pe care le-au ajutat, o minunata domnisoara a devenit educatoare pentru cei mici. Cu grija, rabdare si insistenta sunt deja tineri care au reusit sa iasa la lumina si sa se bucure de conditia umana.  Ceilalti inca asteapta ca reprezentantii remunerati ai statului roman sa gaseasca o modalitate legala prin care banii destinati comunitatilor defavorizate sa sustina acest minunat si functional proiect demarat de familia de olandezi.

Cu putin timp in urma, ocupatul si preocupatul premier, Victor Ponta a participat la inaugurarea Campusului Teologic Ortodox “Nicolae Ivan” din Cluj. Campusul a fost ridicat pe un teren facut cadou Mitropoliei de catre Primaria Cluj. Pentru a putea demara lucrarile, circa 300  de oameni au fost dizlocati de pe acel teren in mijlocul iernii. Erau din aceeasi comunitate defavorizata; li s-au promis spatii de locuit dar au fost de fapt, lasati de izbeliste si au ingrosat randurile “cetatenilor” Dallasului de pe rat. Victor Ponta pare sa nu stie acest fapt si nici nu pare sa-l intereseze. Dupa cum nici membrii BOR nu se rusineaza de faptul ca, de dragul unui campus “dedicat” lor din bani publici, acesti dezmosteniti ai soartei au fost…aruncati la gunoi. Si asta pentru o Biserica ce troneaza pe o avere de peste 3 miliarde de Euro….

Se apropie Craciunul. Postim de zor sa ne rascumparam pacatele, sa ne purificam in asteptarea sarbatorii. Mesajul preferat al acestui moment este “sa daruim, sa impartim cu altii, sa dam celor care sunt mai putin norocosi…”. Frumos si nobil. Craciunul se apropie cu pasi repezi si copiii din Dallas traiesc tot in adaposturile incropite din cartoane, mananca tot ce apuca sau ce dezgroapa din gunoaie iar Mos Craciun nu cred ca a auzit de ei. Orasul si tara  in care se zbat de pe o zi pe alta i-a maturat sub pres si nu vrea sa stie sau  sa se stie de ei. Biserica le-a luat locul si a uitat de ei in mod confortabil. E prea “saraca” pentru a da… oricum are mana doar de luat. Premierul a plecat si el; asta dupa ce ne-a tras de urechi si si-a recitat discursul electoral despre importanta si rolul bisericii si obligatia statului de a o sprijini din banii nostri, ai tuturor.

Ma intreb doar, pe deposedatii din Dallas cine ii sprijina? Ei ai cui sunt? De ce nu ajung si la ei banii nostri, ai concetatenilor lor? Ma intreb: cum pot inghiti ciorbele si sarmalele autoritatile locale care i-au impins pe cei ce n-aveau puterea de a se opune la marginea existentei, mult dincolo de orice decenta? Domnule primar al viitorului Oras Cultural European, cand ati pavoazat Clujul de sarbatoare si ati aprins pentru prima data luminile v-ati adus oare aminte de oamenii care n-au nici dupa ce bea apa? Le-ati facut o promisiune! Stie oare Mos Craciun ca n-aveti cuvant? Domnilor investitori si oameni de afaceri care ati pus bazele prosperei Banci Transilvania, care defilati cu programul “Clujul are suflet” din banii marunti lasati de clienti  in cutiuta de la ghiseele bancii, stiti ca de fapt nici voi, nici Clujul n-aveti suflet?

Ma uit inmarmurita si rusinata la documentarul ce se deruleaza pe ecranul televizorului si-mi aduc aminte brusc de o nuvela cu mare impact emotional al scriitoarei americane Ursula K. LeGuin: “ Cei ce au parasit Omelas”. Il recomand cu caldura oamenilor politici, responsabililor statului, fetelor bisericesti si oamenilor de cultura. Il recomand tuturor care cred ca realitatea lor comfortabila este cea adevarata. Il recomand clujenilor care cred ca pentru un stadion, un casino renovat si trei ghirlande sclipitoare orasul lor iubit merita o distinctie europeana.

Recomand acesta nuvela  cu tot dragul celor carora le pasa de cei din jurul lor, celor care se rusineaza de neputinta societatii in care traiesc, celor care si-au lasat in urma confortul si au venit sa-i aduca la lumina pe cei impinsi in gunoaie, celor care lucreaza alaturi de cei marginalizati si se zbat sa le deschida portile cunoasterii, celor care i-au cautat si ni i-au facut cunoscuti. Le recomand acesta nuvela cu tot dragul, caci ei sunt cei care…au parasit Omelas.