Children of Rainbow Universe. Green Spirit. Illustration


Drawing on paper in color pencils, water color, ink gel pen and acrylic. Just dreaming about my flying humans and the colorful diversity of the Universe.Maybe they’ll come true one day. Or maybe reality will surpass all imagination in a good sense. I am optimistic :). Till then, enjoy!


Shooting Star. A Love Story.Introduction.

  1. Intro


   At almost 30, Kenzo Nishimura was considered a golden boy and an eligible bachelor by the social medium. He was running a flourishing family business and he was a very pleasant young man, the heart of many events and parties that kept the front page of the magazines. Girls and boys were flocking around him and tabloids loved to “marry” him almost weekly with another socialite. Despite everyone’s diligent work on nailing him and bringing him to the altar, Kenzo kept smiling and moved on…..alone. Marriage was not high on his list yet.

   By the time summer moved into the city, Kenzo was fed up with the noise and agitation around him and decided to put an end to it. Abruptly. He refused to accept  any more party invitations and to take calls from his previous fun-buddies. His change of heart created a small commotion among the socialites; but then, another bright star of the parties took his place and became the number one attraction for the gossip columns. Kenzo followed the change of guards in the papers and news with a smirk and decided to take a vacation.

     It was a fine  day of mid June, with clear blue sky and showering sunshine. Kenzo left the office and took his car that was waiting for him at the entrance. Jun Tanaka, the driver (orJT, as Kenzo affectionately called him), was a man in his late fifties, dedicated to his young master ever since Kenzo was born. He was both  driver and guardian angel, and he knew him better than Kenzo would’ve admitted. This was a special bond that became stronger with the untimely death of Kenzo’s parents in a highway accident.

-I think I need an escape from the city-said Kenzo, hopping on the seat behind Taro. I leave it to you where we go!

   With an affirmative nod, the older man started the engine and they left the busy avenue. He stopped the car at the gates of a large  and seemingly deserted park. There were only a few people walking around or sitting on the benches. It was an odd hour and people were either at work or in schools. The place itself was bearing  calming, soothing beauty, with large areas of well trimmed grass, crisscrossing pathways, tree clusters. There was also a larger pond with small islands and a few colorful pavilions covered in Wisteria blossom and greenery, scattered along the shore.

  Eyes wide open in amazement, Kenzo left the car and walked through the gates. He left his mind wander, following the pathways around this unknown place. He breathed in the mixed scent of heated grass and flowers, admiring the artful garden arrangements, the graceful entwining of various trees and climbing vines. Soon,  he found himself near the pond, heading to a shadier, smaller pavilion painted in red, with cascading Kana covering the entrance.

    With a hand, he parted the curtain of greenery and stopped abruptly,  facing a person coming from inside. The first thing popping up in Kenzo’s mind was a line from ancient poetry: “His beauty can put the moon to shame.” It was younger than him, somewhere in his early twenties and a palm shorter than Kenzo. But he was lean and graceful, with deep, dreamy eyes in the oval of his face. The nicely curved lips and the straight, thin nose completed his features. From the casual outfit, you’d taken him for a student. As Kenzo was staring at him, the youth reddened a bit, then smiled and stepped aside, inviting him into the pavilion.

-Please!-he said. Come in and enjoy the place..Are you ok? -he asked, looking at Kenzo who was seemingly unable to utter a sound.

  With a gulp,Kenzo  regained his composure and returned the smile.

-Oh…yes, yes.I’m fine. It’s just…I didn’t expect to find anyone here. The park is so quiet and looks almost empty.

  The youth shook his head with a small laughter .

-Yes, people are busy working at this hour. That’s why I came here, skipping the courses but I have to go now. It was nice to talk to you. Have a pleasant day!-he said, preparing to leave.

-It was  my pleasure too-replied Kenzo. Let me introduce myself, before you leave! My name is Kenzo Nishimura.

-I know-said the young man, with a playful glimmer in his dark eyes. I’ve recognised you, when you entered. Your face is on the cover of every magazine. My name is Ren and I really have to go now! Goodbye, Nishimura-san!

  With a courteous bow, he slipped through the curtain of leaves and disappeared, leaving behind Kenzo with a strange, tingling sensation deep inside. There was a trace of ungraspable magic left behind by the youth, something that stuck with Kenzo, stirring the waters of his soul. He rushed to the entrance, leaving the pavilion in a hurry, trying to catch a glimpse of the departing youth. But he was nowhere to be seen. He  had vanished into thin air. Swallowing a jest of disappointment, Kenzo returned to his car.

-Thank you!-he said to JT, making himself comfortable in the rear seat. I think I found a new favorite spot for myself!


 The Golden Bird

     Spinning diligently on its path, the planet turned its cheeks towards the sun and a new season spread on the surface. As winter was fading away with the last melting icicle, spring opened her wings of flowers and songs upon meadows and hills. The boisterous breeze pushed aside the heavy clouds, releasing the shower of warmth and glow upon the land below.

   In the orchard, the trees were stretching their fingers,swaying in the wind, while the life giving sap was bubbling in their veins. Buds were cracking on the tip of every stick and flowers were unfolding gracefully, adorning the branches. The air was thick with scents, buzzing noises and love songs. Springtime is the season of love.

-Huh, what a noise!-grumbled the old apple tree, hiding in his shady corner. Love, love, love is all I hear all day long! I’m getting sick of it!-he groaned, snapping his aging, barren arms.

-What’s wrong with him?-asked in a tiny voice the young plum tree. Why is he cursing and mumbling? It’s such a  beautiful season!

-Oh, let him be, my friend!- chuckled the cherry tree. He’s all sour ever since the tempest broke his branches and left him almost crippled. His heart is full of bitterness and he’s not even blossoming anymore! With only a handful of leaves and no beauty,all the birds have left him, so it’s no surprise he hates love songs. Forget about him! Let’s stretch a bit more into the sunlight. It feels so good!

“Poor guy…” thought the young plum tree, glancing furtively to the stern neighbor in the corner. Then, with a small sigh, he  turned his delicate branches towards the sun and closed his eyes, dreamingly.

-What a jerk!- mumbled the apple tree. Why would I need love? It’s nothing but pain and illusion! Look at the young master of the garden: he’s a total mess since his sweetheart deserted him!

Groaning,he turned his face away from the jolly youths of the orchard. With a heart heavy of painful solitude, even his sap was turning more and more bitter with  every spring. He felt useless and ugly…

But up in the skies, the world was bright and the rejuvenating energies were oozing from every inch of Nature. More and more  singing birds were flocking into the garden,while the trees and bushes were opening their arms, inviting the chirpy, cheerful travelers to settle.

  The golden bird was coming from a great distance and by now, he was exhausted by the voyage. He took a like to the neat little garden with its blossoming orchard of lean and graceful trees. This bird was like no other. His body was covered by silky, golden feathers, he had black wings and ruby red beak. His eyes were  shining like stars. The moment he made his appearance in the sky, all eyes turned to him. Even the wind halted its rush, his whistle turning to a humm. As the golden bird was circling above the garden, the trees were stretching and leaning towards him, pleading:

-Come! Come to me, beautiful bird! Look how strong my branches are! Look how fine and thick my canopy is! I’ll protect you from heat and I’ll rock you gently to sleep, just come and stay with me!

   But the golden bird kept flying up and down, looking for something…He circled and circled till he noticed a lone tree in the corner. It was tall and strong, and despite its bareness, it felt trustworthy. So, the golden bird took a sharp turn and landed atop the highest branch.

-Good morning, my friend!-he said in a soft voice. Shaken off his dream,the apple tree opened his eyes in amazement. May I stay here on your branches? -continued the bird. I promise not to disturb your peace but I’m so tired after my voyage and in your strong arms I feel safe!

-Stay! Stay as much as you wish!-whispered the tree, choking on its sudden burst of emotions. He was so happy,he could laugh and cry at the same time…if only he would be human! But he was an old apple tree, so he took a deep breath, and in a moment of elation, his sap burst through his body, rushing towards the tip of its branches and sticks, exploding into a symphony of glossy, green leaves and heavy bunches of pink and white flowers! Perched on the tip of a branch, the golden bird was singing his song of love, while the tree was listening  to it, smiling in the sunlight.

 From the window of his cottage, a young man with dreamy eyes was following the glorious metamorphosis of the apple tree and a new hope moved into his heart. He jumped to his feet and left the house whistling happily. He crossed the path to the gates and stopped for a moment under the apple tree.

-Thank you, my friend!-he whispered, gently caressing the tall trunk. Maybe there is  love for me too out there! I just have to find my own golden bird!

    He walked off the gate and turned towards the village, his mind set on those velvety brown eyes he had seen the other day looking at him so warmly,lovingly. Up in tree, the song of the golden bird was spiraling into  the sky, a hymn of love and new beginnings…


The Lost Butterfly- a story of aliens, love and humans. The Stalker (2d)


The man excused himself from the owner of the gallery and left hurriedly. He already had a plan and he needed every minute to work it out to the last detail. He called for his car and left the premises.

The young artist went to the bathroom and washed his face with cold water. He stared for a moment in the mirror at his own reflection; he felt lost and lonely. His loving companion was far away and he didn’t want to disturb him. So he took a deep breath and returned to the exhibition; there were still two hours left until closing and he was needed there.

At half past eight, the owner and his five young stars were waiting outside to be collected. Moments later, the huge black limousine stopped in front of the building and the man invited them inside. He took them to a very pleasant but highly expensive club; the music was good and the drinks were exquisite. Many well-known personalities were sitting at the tables and all of them seemed to look up to the man. He introduced them his new young protégés; he made a mental note at each turning head, after they made acquaintance to the Butterfly Artist. Though he acted more restrained than usual and more serious than his actual self, his beauty remained untouched. The aura of gentle magic that surrounded him left a strong impression upon everybody. His friends playfully teased him but he shook his head and dismissed all the talks about that topic.

The young man knew he was trapped and his mind was feverishly working to find a way out of the current situation. He complied with his friends’ request, he took the girls and danced with them but he stick to his non-alcoholic juice, saying that he had a mild headache. Food was served but he took only a bit; he wasn’t in a mood to eat. He couldn’t avoid having a glass of champagne offered by their host; the man wanted to toast for their artistic development. After this, it was out of question to drive home in their cars. The man offered to drive each of them home and they were thrilled by his generosity. Only the Butterfly artist remained gloomy; he desperately needed to go home by himself but he didn’t want to seem rude or to spoil his friends’ pleasure. It was well past midnight when he decided to call a cab and go home; a strange dizziness took over him and he couldn’t take it anymore. The girls were worried and his friends decided to end the party and leave. The man called the limo, embarked them all and ordered the driver to take them home. They stopped at the young Butterfly’s home and left him safe and sound in front of his house. They wave him goodbye and left. The young man leaned against the wall for a moment; the world was spinning and then everything went black.

Before he even touched the ground a dark silhouette stepped out from the shadow and stopped his fall. A car silently stopped and the dark man placed the young inside, on the rear seat. He then stepped at the front seat and they left in a hurry. The man took his prize in his arms, buried his face into the rebellious black hair and inhaled deeply. The fresh fragrance invaded his senses and he swallowed hard, hit by the sudden burst of desire. The inconspicuous white powder mixed into the glass of champagne has rendered the young man helpless; he was immersed in a deep sleep. He was totally unaware of the car’s destination.

As they reached the house, the man took the sleeping young artist man and carried him up in the bedroom. He laid him on the bed and carefully undressed him. He stared in amazement at the naked youth; he was the embodiment of perfection. In his sleep, he looked like the living image of Endymion, the beautiful young man loved by the Goddess of the Moon, Selene. He covered him with a light sheet and made himself comfortable.

The man poured a drink and sat on the bed. He watched the peaceful expression of that lovely face, the light shade of pink in the cheeks, the slightly parted, delicate lips and the pearly-white row of teeth, the long eyelashes underlining those mesmerizing eyes, the silky black strands falling over the clear forehead, the soft glow of the smooth skin…He touched him and felt the warmth of the young body. The Butterfly Artist looked like a living statue. The man realized how much he needed him to be awake. It was that passionate, vulnerable personality that gave that perfect body the touch of magic that surrounded it. The man took out a syringe from a small box and injected some antidote in the youth left upper arm; he then stood there, waiting for a reaction.

In about ten minutes the youth stirred. The man bent over him and kissed the soft neck right under the earlobe. Brusquely, the young man woke up and tried to push him away but the man gripped his wrists and pushed him on his back, holding him tightly. The victim moaned and his eyes filled with despair.

-I knew- he said and his voice cracked. Let me go…please- he whispered. Don’t hurt me…

-Don’t fight and I won’t hurt you-said the man calmly. The game is on me now. As you have said, the more you resist me, the more I want you.

The young man turned his head away. He shuddered under the stranger’s touch; all the bad memories locked up in the depth of his conscience were now pushing to break the locks. He stiffened as he felt the man moving relentlessly.

-Don’t…please-he pleaded though he knew it was hopeless.

-I can’t stop it-said the man rolling on top of him. Such beauty and perfection as yours should never walk on Earth among such sinful creatures like me. You are so unreachable and desirable that we can’t stop to try to tear you down. This is a curse both for you and us. I can’t stop; I have to have it my way.

As he moved forward, the young man cried out in pain and anguish. His cries broke down to sobs until all ended. He laid there on the bed, eyes closed and eyelashes heavy with tears, and for the first time, the man saw the broken butterfly. He suddenly realized that he has just broken something precious, something unique and irreplaceable. Luckily, the young man  has fallen into a deep sleep from physical and emotional exhaustion. The man gently dressed him up and called for his car. He took the youth home, undressed him and tucked him into his bed. He ordered the driver to bring the young man’s car in the parking lot. He took a final look on that hauntingly beautiful face, then left the apartment and locked the door behind him. Game over.

The Lost Butterfly 2-a story of aliens, love and humans . The Stalker (2a)



Fuyuki woke up late that day. The sun was already high in the sky when he emerged from the  dark waters of dreams. He felt dizzy; his head was heavy and he had a foul taste in his mouth. The worst of it was, that despite all efforts, he couldn’t remember anything of the previous evening.

He decided to chill and to  take things slowly so the first thing was to carefully descend from bed. Oddly enough, his whole body was aching. For a moment, he almost fell to his knees. He felt feverish on the inside and the strong daylight pained his senses. He stopped for a moment, took a deep breath, then made his way to the shower.

The steady flow of water eased his pains and helped him regain control over his body. He made some disturbing discoveries in the shower; there was a pink, sore spot on his left upper arm and a purplish larger spot on his neck, right under his earlobe. Yet, his memory was blocked, like somebody has hit the “delete” button.

Yoshiasu was due to come home only Friday and today was/ probably/ Wednesday. Fuyuki left the shower and dressed up. He went to the kitchen and took  some salad from the refrigerator, made some toast and a strong, hot coffee to clear his mind. He wasn’t at ease at all; he felt sick and he was alone. He pushed the button on the TV set and let the noise fill the surroundings. He took his cell phone and left a message for Yoshiasu. He was missing him.

Fuyuki eat a little although the food tasted like cardboard in his mouth; he took the mug of coffee and sat on the top of a high chair hoping to clear his mind. Nothing useful came to him so he decided to look into his clothes from the previous day. He found his organizer and remembered that till half past eight he had been at the exhibition hall along with the other four artists. He also found his car keys but he couldn’t remember driving home. As he was trying to fill in the missing moments the doorbell rang and a male voice announced that he had a delivery. Fuyuki opened the door and let the young man in. He was close to his age and was carrying a middle sized box wrapped up in expensive paper.

The name of the sender was unfamiliar but he took the parcel anyway; he didn’t want to create problems for the young guy. He signed for it and gave a generous tip. On a spur of a moment Fuyuki asked the guy if he would like to have a coffee until he looks into the package. Fuyuki felt the need of a living soul next to him; probably the delivery guy sensed something or it was just the shade of fatigue showing in Fuyuki’s violet-blue eyes, but he decided to take the offer. They both sat around the table and Fuyuki unwrapped the parcel: it contained a bottle of very expensive champagne, an equally expensive box of chocolate and an unmarked envelope. Fuyuki took out the envelope and his heart sank; he had a bad feeling about its content.

Giving a small smile to his guest, he stood up and went to the window to look to the content; there were only two items inside- a photo and a white card with only a few words in handwriting: “ You are even more beautiful at a closer look. Thank you.”

Fuyuki felt sick; he didn’t have to look at the photo; he knew exactly what it was. He stood up pale like a sheet of paper and shaking from inside. He took a deep breath and handed the box to the young man.

-Take it, please; it’s yours- he said in a coarse voice.

The delivery guy looked up in surprise.

-But Mr. Tanaka…I can’t…this is very expensive.

-Please…-whispered Fuyuki. Do me this favor. Thank you.

He let the man out; the guy turned to him and asked in a worried voice:

-Are you OK? Do you want me to call a doctor? You’re very pale…

-No, thanks; I can manage-said Fuyuki.

As the puzzled man left with the expensive gift, Fuyuki sat on the bed. He took out his phone and left another message to Yoshiasu. This time it was an urging one: “Come home, please!”

The Lost Butterfly-a story of aliens, love and humans (1g)

Chapter 1g.

They all returned to the city in high spirits. They barely had time to rest. New Year’s Eve was closing and everybody looked forward to the Masque Party.

Yoshiasu was slightly reluctant to the idea of dressing up but he gave in to Angela. After all she has done for them, he didn’t have the heart to ruin the fun! He agreed on letting her to pick whatever she thought it would suit them for the party. He was pleased to know that George was joining them.

George Brown, Angela’s fiancé was a good-looking, pleasant and reliable man. He was totally besotted with her and she was radiant in his company. Yoshiasu and George used to get well along and George was increasingly curious about Fuyuki. He treated Angela’s enthusiastic description with slight disbelief, but he had to put aside his curiosity for the moment. As soon as they arrived at the hotel, Angela handed the costumes to the boys and sent them to get dressed while she locked herself up in the other room with Fuyuki.

Puzzled but amused, George and Yoshiasu dressed up, laughed as they saw each-other

“ changed” into a samurai and a knight and decided to wait for their companions in the lobby. Some of their mutual friends were already there and the party was gradually gathering glitz and fun.

The girl in the mirror was incredibly beautiful. She had a delicate, oval face with soft skin like cherry blossoms. Her nose was straight, with nicely curved nostrils. The almond-shaped amethyst eyes were underlined by heavy black eyelashes and she had thin, well-shaped eyebrows.

The young auburn haired woman took a small brush and toned the delicately curved lips with a touch of crimson lip-gloss. She helped the girl to comb her silky black hair into a simple but elegant shape held up by hair-pins hid under cherry blossoms.

She then helped her into a red kimono decorated with silver and gold butterflies and tied the obi around her slim waist. She took two steps behind and looked at the young girl; she was pleased with the result.

-Gods, Fuyuki, you are too beautiful to be true!-she said.

-For me beauty has always meant trouble-replied Fuyuki.

-Come on, let’s go-said Angela. I’m sure that down there’s no girl more beautiful than you.  George and Yoshiasu are waiting for us in the hall. I want to see their faces when they’ll see you.

-I’m not so sure-sighed Fuyuki but followed her.

Angela was looking sparkling in her moss-green velvet dress that underlined her appealing curves. She took Fuyuki by the hand and descended in the large hall. The party was just starting. Their partners were easy to point out: the handsome samurai and the good-looking knight were surrounded by happily chatting young ladies. Music, laughter and chatter filled the lobby as Angela and Fuyuki crossed the crowd. Though people around them were all looking great and having fun, slowly, people were making way to the fiery princess and the butterfly-girl.

They stopped next to Yoshiasu and George; the talking stopped abruptly. George’s eyes rounded as he spotted the two girls; Angela raised a finger meaning “Don’t ruin the surprise” and waited for Yoshiasu to react.

-Mr. Tanaka- she said. I think I found your lost butterfly.

Yoshiasu turned brusquely and stood still. Mesmerized by the look of the girl in red kimono he was unable to utter a sound. She looked like she just stepped out of a Japanese stamp. Under the intense scrutiny Fuyuki turned pink. He gazed slightly panicked into Yoshiasu’s eyes; the samurai smiled and whispered: “I love you. You are so beautiful…”.

He took the butterfly-girl by the hand and turned towards Angela’s fiancé:

-George, this is Fuyuki.

-You’re gorgeous-said George and they shook hands.

-Thank you-said Fuyuki with a shy smile.

-Ladies-turned Yoshiasu around-you have to excuse us. Angela, George let’s pick a drink.

The four of them left the premises followed by amazed or envious looks. George affectionately kissed his bride. “ You’re great!-he whispered in her ears. How on earth did you do this?-he asked incredulously.

-I’ve done nothing special-laughed Angela. I’ve just followed his natural beauty. They look great together, isn’t it?

The tall and erect samurai was moving ahead with dignity firmly holding the hand of his blushing butterfly. Together with Angela and George they chose a remote table in a quieter corner and the night went on pleasantly. Fuyuki relaxed and enjoyed himself with his friends. When the clock turned twelve and New Year arrived, Yoshiasu took Fuyuki in his arms and they kissed passionately in the middle of the cheering crowd.

By one in the morning they left the party along with their friends. Yoshiasu whispered a warm “Thank you” in Angela’s ear and hugged her. He then took Fuyuki and they disappeared in their room.

-I like Fuyuki-said George-but I would have never guessed that SHE is a man.

-He’s definitely a man, but he’s a milder, gentle one-said Angela.

-He’s a good addition to the strong-willed Yoshiasu-agreed George.

-And Yoshiasu is madly in love with him-laughed Angela.

-It’s written all over his face-chuckled George. I thought he might faint when he saw him tonight. I also saw a lot of envious or puzzled faces around; it was fun.

-Shame on you, George Brown-said Angela and kissed her fiancé.

They shut the door behind them laughing whole heartedly. In their own room, Yoshiasu and Fuyuki were getting off their costumes. Yoshiasu undressed easily but Fuyuki needed help. He turned his back to Yoshiasu:

-You have to help me out; I don’t think I can ask Angela now…

Yoshiasu grinned and untied the obi, letting loose the kimono. He bent over Fuyuki and kissed the soft skin of the neck; he then pushed down the kimono and took the younger man in his arms. Fuyuki’s breath hitched as Yoshiasu kissed his earlobe and lovingly laid him down on the bed. He slowly melted under the passionate kisses and Yoshiasu’s eager touch. They made love and they fell asleep tangled in each-other’s arms.

As holidays ended, life turned back to normal. Yoshiasu was quite busy at work and Fuyuki was working on his art projects; he was doing it successfully.

Winter was swept away by the warmth of spring and Nature came alive in full blossom. People themselves were changing along with the newly buzzing life. Fuyuki shortened his hair leaving it just a little over his neck but his natural beauty remained unchanged. Though he had gained a lot more confidence and it looked like that for now he could stand up for himself, he was still the same mild and sensitive person.

Angela and George got married in April and as their close friends, Yoshiasu and Fuyuki attended the wedding. They were more than happy to share their friends’ moment of utmost happiness. The messages they sent home from honeymoon spoke about the same state of bliss.

The Lost Butterfly-revised (1d)

Chapter 1d.

He had barely finished the notes and was looking at the two drawings, when Fuyuki stirred under the blanket and opened his eyes.

-You’re here-he whispered and sighed.

-I am- said Yoshiasu firmly. Wake up and let’s go out. We still have half of Sunday left.

Fuyuki complied and dressed up. For the moment he was wearing some of Yoshiasu’s clothes but they were planning to go out shopping.  A chilling wind was blowing outside so both of them were wearing anoraks, jeans and boots. Fuyuki’s shoulder long hair was tied in a lose pony-tail, a few strands floating freely around his face. Despite his attire, he looked deceptively feminine. His beauty was misleading almost everyone. As they were descending a long row of stairs, walking hand in hand, they heard a group of youngsters whistling after Fuyuki. They both burst into laughter.

On a spur of a moment Yoshiasu turned towards Fuyuki and kissed him. Surprised, Fuyuki blinked and returned the kiss.

-I’m …sorry-mumbled Yoshiasu, slightly enbarassed.


-I don’t want to put any pressure on you…

-You’re not-said Fuyuki. I like when YOU kiss me- he added smiling shyly.

Yoshiasu sighed and held him closer. They strolled among the bony, black shapes of the trees, under the heavily clouded sky. Autumn fell on their steps, rolling golden leaves and raindrops up and down the lane. Younger and older couples were walking slowly on the alleys, enjoying the final hours of the week-end. The evening enveloped the city peacefully.

The two young men turned home refreshed and happy. After the autumn chill, the warmth of the flat was welcome. They both undressed from the heavy outfits and made themselves comfortable. As usual, Yoshiasu cooked the dinner while Fuyuki set the table. They ate all to the last crumb and after washing the dishes they moved to the bedroom and turned on the TV.

Fuyuki leaned against his friend, with head resting on his shoulder. He loved to listen to his velvety baritone, recounting school years with fun. He snuggled in his arms while Yoshiasu was fighting his inner feelings.

Spending most of his time with Fuyuki,  Yoshiasu declined most of his friends’ invitations out. Fuyuki was still very shy and recovering, so he didn’t want to put any unnecessary pressure on him. Intrigued by his long absence and the wild gossips about her good friend, Angela Bennett decided to pay him a visit. She came unannounced and on a late afternoon Yoshiasu found himself face to face with her at the door.

-I’ve been told that you became a hermit so I came to check on this wild story myself. I hope I’m not intruding?-she asked with a playful smile.

Yoshiasu chuckled; he was happy to see her. Angela was a long time friend and they shared a lot, beginning with the level-headedness and the considerate manner towards the others. He let her in, took off her coat and invited her in the living.

-I’m going to fix a drink; make you comfortable. What gossips have you heard about me?

Angela looked around with interest. She was well accustomed to this place and she knew her old friend’s taste. She noticed some small changes but there was one particular thing that drew her attention. She saw a new painting on the wall: a colorful butterfly on an intricate background. It wasn’t a reproduction; the picture was genuine. She stood up and took a closer look. She was surprised to find something so poetic and delicate in the house of a computer analyst.

-You like it?-asked Yoshiasu and handed her a frosty glass.

-It’s beautiful! I must admit that I’ve never expected to find something like this hanging on your wall. Is this a recent purchase?

The young man smiled secretively.

-It’s a gift from the artist himself- he said. But let me introduce him to you. Wait a minute…

He left for the bedroom where Fuyuki was reading.

-I have a very good friend of mine visiting us. She would like to know you. Her name is Angela Bennett and you can trust her. Come, let me introduce you.

Fuyuki’s eyes rounded in surprise but took Yoshiasu’s hand and followed him. Hearing footsteps, Angela turned and remained speechless. Half step behind her friend there was a tall and slender young man, clinging almost desperately to Yoshiasu’s hand. The newcomer was a striking beauty, with a fragile look and very shy. His unusual amethyst colored eyes looked at her with the innocence of a child. Yoshiasu gently pushed him towards her.

-Angela, let me introduce you the artist you have asked about: he is my friend, Fuyuki.

-Pleased to meet you-said the young man.

They shook hands and Angela looked at him closely. Fuyuki blushed under her scrutinizing gaze and she found him lovely.

-You’re awfully talented; I like very much your painting. Yoshiasu is very lucky to receive such a beautiful gift from you-she said.

-I am the lucky one to have such a good friend-answered Fuyuki with a small smile.

-Well, since I am blessed with both of you let’s have a drink and let Angela to deliver us the latest gossips about our mutual friends. This way you can make their ”acquaintance” long before they know you.

Just like Yoshiasu, Angela had a healthy sense of humor so in less then half an hour they were all laughing and enjoying her company. Angela took an instant like on Fuyuki. She even warned her old friend while the young artist left the room:

-He is a rare gem, Yoshiasu. Take care of him.

-I know-said Yoshiasu-but thanks anyway. Tell the others that we still need some time to adjust but we’re fine.