Shooting Star. A Love Story. Ch.12-13.Heaven and Hell. Countdown

  1. Heaven and Hell


But the evening started with a phone call from Sumiko. She talked a lot with Kenzo, then asked about her brother. Ren was still gloomy. He took the phone with a heavy heart, guessing what was about to come.

-Hello, Sumi….-he said. What happened?

-Oh, Ren! What’s wrong with you? Hanako came to me crying about how you treated her! She’s such a sweet and sensitive girl! It took me awhile to comfort her! Father is very upset too. You must make amends, Ren!

The youth swallowed the words coming to him and took a deep breath before replying.

-I’m sorry. I was nervous and busy. Tell Father that I will make amends.

Sumiko let out a sigh of relief.

-I will tell him. Look, Ren. We agreed with Kenzo to go out on a double date with you and Hanako next week. I’ve got an invitation for us at Cinema City and after the movie, Kenzo will take us to a fancy restaurant. This way we can bring the family together and remove the bitter taste of today! You agree?

-I do, Sumi!-said the youth, disarmed by her plea. Good night, ane! I love you.

Ren slumped on the couch, exhausted. The world was spinning around him. He closed his eyes and let the tears stream down his cheeks. Kenzo sat next to him and took the youth in his arms.

-Sssshhhht….-he whispered, caressing him. Don’t cry, itoshikute (beloved). I’m here…..

    Silence enveloped them soothingly and the night spread its wings upon the world, bringing healing sleep and peaceful dreams to the tormented,loving hearts. Out in the Universe,the planet was gracefully  rolling on its celestial path….

     When dawn lifted with curious fingers the withering curtains of the skies, the first rays of the sun found the two young man sound asleep on the couch, lovingly holding each other.


  1. Countdown


     The following months went on without major disturbances. With Kenzo’s love, Ren “survived” to a number of double dates, giving some satisfaction to his family and to Hanako. But days were slowly adding up and the month of June was dangerously coming closer.       

   Doomsday. Kenzo and Ren were having a slightly different approach to it and different expectations about the future of their love. For the more pragmatic and stubborn Kenzo, that day wasn’t changing anything; he refused to envision a future without Ren’s love. But for Ren, that day was a turning point in his life and it meant the end of all physical involvement with Kenzo.The time left to then was one of all consuming love lived at high speed. They both knew that this was that “once in a lifetime”  kind of love, both elating and shattering, blazing and burning to ashes. A love to live for, a love to die for.

       Kenzo travelled a lot with business, taking Ren with him all the time. Luckily, the wise and more mature Sumiko managed to convince Hanako to come to terms with that and  to stop nagging her fiance.

-You’ll have a lifetime to spend together, Hanako!-she said, trying to cheer up the impatient young bride. Look, we can go together to make the wedding plans and shoppings. Kenzo has given me freedom in choosing all I want. This way you can make your own wedding arrangements too. What do you say, Hanako?

-Thank you, Sumiko! You are so good to me! I can hardly wait to go with you-replied the girl excitedly.

    Days passed and seasons changed and summer set in with the lively month of June. Nature dressed up in lush green, warmth brought with it life boosting rain showers. June was a month of blooming fertility, a month of blessing and joy. But not for everyone. The days before Kenzo and Sumiko’s marriage were becoming increasingly difficult to Ren. He was facing two personal disasters: ending his love and ending his freedom. Still, he was putting up a brave face, hiding his pain deeper and deeper inside.

   Friends and family were caught in a frenzy of preparations, nervous and excited. The last evening before the ceremonies, Kenzo and Ren met at late hours in Ren’s apartment. The moment felt awkward. There were so many things to say; yet words were difficult to find. They were both talking about unimportant details, trying to fill the meaningful silence between them.

-Dance with me!- Ren said suddenly in a soft voice. Before all is gone…I want you to  dance with me…

     He started music; the song was a mix of dream and passion, about a love lost. It was Gackt’s “ Last song” that Ren loved very much. Kenzo took his love in is arms and they danced…they danced….till they danced out all the unspoken words. And the music was playing on….

     Finally, they stopped and Kenzo kissed the youth.

-Good night, Ren! See you in the morning!-he said with a smile.

-Goodbye, Kenzo…..-replied the youth, returning the smile. But night has already moved into his eyes.


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