KOI-Dance of love. Illustration


Drawing on paper in color pencils, acrylic, gel ink pen. Illustration for “Shooting Star” story. Enjoy the symbolic fish, dancing for a love lost in the stars.


9 thoughts on “KOI-Dance of love. Illustration

    1. Thank you very much! I stumbled upon gold paint recently and I have discovered it as a proper background for my usually very colorful characters. In this particular case, the gold might be seen as the sunlit surface of the pond.

      1. Ah, I perceived it as the bottom of the pond and the fish swimming in very clear water. It’s very cool.

        Sorry about the duplicate comment (below). I read while I ride the subway and the poor signal made it appear as if my first comment didn’t post.

      2. Wow! Your point of view of a very clear water is….refreshing! I like it. That’s the beauty of personal perspective; it always opens the door to a new story.

    1. This is an amazing fish! And while I was searching for some information for my story, I’ve read of the various symbols they carry. So I…..married the fish and the love story, hence the illustration.

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