The Lost Butterfly-a story of aliens, love and humans. The Stalker (2c)


Fuyuki had been slightly disturbed by the piercing look coming from those light-brown eyes, like those of a bird of prey, but later he dismissed the feeling. He was exhilarated spending his free time with Yoshiasu. This was a very pleasant Sunday and he didn’t want to let anything to ruin it. He also knew that people used to stare at them; after all, they were an outstanding couple. Trying to avert the massive attention brought upon him, Fuyuki did his best to turn down his natural beauty but  it was no use. The light coming from inside made the outside even more beautiful. And Yoshiasu loved him deeply; he took pride in his handsome and talented companion.

The man at the table has set his mind; he wanted to lay a hand on that wonderful youth. The fact that he was already taken only made the conquest more exciting. The man was wealthy and powerful; a refusal was out of question for him. Having this young man just for himself even for a day was just a whim; he wasn’t used to give up on his own desires. But he knew that he needed to be careful and patient since the young man looked very happy with his chosen one. It was a real challenge to break that up and fulfill his desire.

The exhibition hall was full almost from the early hours. Five young artists were having a collective exhibition and people were constantly flowing in, many of them interested in buying from the promising talents. Five young people, all between 25 and 30, two girls and three young men were the stars of the exhibition.

The man has watched them arriving one by one; the one he was looking for, usually brought in also the two girls in his small city car. They were getting along well; the girls were usually teasing him for his good looks but he took it lightly and laughed it off. This went on every day; in the evening, the boyfriends came to take the girls home and the young artist drove home alone. Due to his work, his companion was waiting for him at home. The man’s secretary provided him with a precious piece of information: the companion was about to leave the town for at least four or five days on business.

When the day came, the man decided to take action.  That afternoon, he visited the exhibition hall. It was crowded as usual; he strolled around and watched carefully. He had to admit the real talent of those five young people, but he was mostly caught up by the delicate beauty and the deep emotion hidden in the works of his target. It was like everything he touched remained somehow connected to his inner self and radiated some kind of fragile magic. Watching the young artist from behind the crowd, the man sensed that magic flowing around the youth. It was everywhere: in the way he turned his head, in the pleasant smile, the movement of the hands, in the ease of his talking but mainly in the transparency of those amethyst eyes…

The owner of the exhibition hall spotted the man and recognized him; he came to greet him and offered to introduce the young artists to the one he knew was a real arts collector. He caught the gaze of the man fixed on the Butterfly Artist and smiled:

-I see…well, you could say that he’s a work of art himself. Yet he is not vain at all and that’s quite unusual among artists.

He led the man and introduced the young artists one by one. The man saw a flicker in the lavender eyes; the young man recognized him. The man shook hands with each of them but the soft, slender hands easily slipped from his grip. The young man wasn’t an easy catch.

The man talked with each of them extensively; he left his target for the final moment. He slowly approached him when he was finally alone in a corner. But even before he opened his mouth, the young man turned to him:

-So, you are stalking on me- he said, sadness seeping in his voice.

-You recognized me-said the man.

-Yes. I recognized your eyes and the way you were looking at me. I know that kind of look and that you are following me for days.

-How do you know that?-asked the man incredulously.

-I have sensed your presence. What do you want from me?

-As you may see-said the man closing on him-I’m interested in you. I can’t take you off my mind.

The young man turned away; as he moved, the man sensed a faint fragrance of wild flowers coming from him.  He took a deep breath; surprisingly it wasn’t a perfume, it was the strange, intoxicating scent of the body. The man took another step towards him.

-I have invited the others for a drink. I’d like you to come.

-You’re cunning-said the young man looking straight in his eyes. I’ll come but you have to know that I am not interested.

The man kept silent for a moment then he said:

-I could help your career; I have enough money to buy out all of you…

The young artist shook his head and laughed softly.

-I’m not interested in that either. I ‘m not doing this for the money.  Almost all I earn from the sales goes to a foundation for abused children to help them rebuild their lives. My needs are low and I’m not keen on reaching “high-life”.

-I see that you’re not vain-said the man. That makes you only more desirable. With your talent and your beauty you should be spoiled; yet you hide behind your companion and refuse my offer.

Are you aware how many people would do anything to get my support? All I ask is one night spent with me, nothing more…

Fuyuki turned to him; his eyes were darkened and his cheeks were flushed by the inner turmoil.

-For you this is just a whim. The more I reject you, the more you want me. But I…I am not an object; whatever your offer is, I won’t give you what you want. At least not on my own will.

-I’ll take it like that…for now-said the man. I’ll wait for you all after closing.

-Whatever….murmured the young man and left him alone.


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