As the Cosmic labor slowed down inside the newborn solar system, the pain of the young planet decreased. The raging fires and bubbling, molten lava retreated under the newly formed crust, creating a warm ocean of flames around the iron core. The surface of the planet stretched, crumpled, rising high or deepening, new shapes and features alternating, redesigning its face.

The cooling of the crust brought with itself a change in the dark, smoky skies: the convoluted canopy cracked with deafening thunder and violent rains washed the smoldering earth. Time itself has forgotten when this entire deluge started, while the depths of the planet filled with waters. Fresh springs, sprinkling rivulets, mighty rivers crisscrossed the lands, shaping and reshaping over and over again the landscape. All these boisterous bodies of water were heading, sooner or later towards the generous stretching of waters encompassing the planet: the Ocean.

The Ocean opened her green-blue eyes in amazement and she fell in love instantly with the Land embracing her. She lovingly embraced the coastal lines, rolled nacreous gifts of shells and pearls on the soft beaches of sand, splashed playfully over the laces of rocks, her fingers of foam caressing the intricate features of her strong and reliable lover. Whenever he rose above her in high walls of lime-stone, reflecting the golden light of the sun in a warming smile, she kissed him, sending her rows of passionate waves to embrace his dazzling embodiment. She then always turned around, leading her strong, deep currents around the planet, singing her song of carefree joy and love under the arch of infinite blue skies. Land and Ocean thrived in their ardent story of love…

Day by day, the Sun climbs the ladder of skies, flooding the planet with life-giving light. By the end of the day, exhausted and dimmed in glow, the star dies in flames of purple and amber, while the Ocean gently rocks his last sparks on the rolling waves. In the setting darkness, star-clusters and galaxies explode in a complicated pattern, ribbons of diamonds tying earth and skies. The sounds of life sleep deeply in the night and silence spreads its silken wings above all.

Each night, the Ocean is mesmerized by the magic play unfolding high above her. In the soft glow, her eyes are black velvet. The sweet, spicy breeze of night ripples the surface of the water; stars sizzle on the tip of each little wave….But tonight is a special one. A silver light is spreading bit by bit on the thin horizon and the Ocean shudders, touched by a strange, new emotion. She’s captured by the growing light…

The full Moon rises from the depths in all his magical glory, his lustrous brilliance spreading across the skies and dimming the stars. He is the Master of the Night, Wizard of elusive plays of radiance and shadows, Creator of illusory fantasies. From the height of the night, he throws scintillating bridges over mysteries hidden inside scattered pools, mirroring him all over the land. But tonight he has no eyes but for the Ocean; he dives in her unending darkness and smiles….

She trembles under the sudden touch and runs towards the shores, seeking refuge on the sands. He amusedly follows her, lighting up the frothing edges of her waves in sizzling, electric blue. She stops…and turns. The magic of his touch reaches her inner world, spreading seeds of flaming fantasy inside her translucent soul. Under the spell of the moonlight, the Ocean dreams about mythical creatures inhabiting her world. Graceful mermaids, passionate mermen, playful dolphins and foam-maned seahorses are taking over her ever moving kingdom.

She sleeps and dreams, slipping deeper and deeper in the shimmering fantasies. The Moon is watching over her, his net of alluring rays capturing her magic-thirsty soul…

The morning of a new day brings with itself a new world. Inside the delicate glass-heart of the dreamy Ocean, a grain of new emotion timidly burns. Everything has changed during the night. She‘s confused and restless, caught by surprise by the torrents that turn her world upside-down. She runs her waves from one shore to another, exhausting herself in the rush…She bangs and splashes against the hardest shore-lines, cries out in spraying droplets, hoping to ease her growing torment. The more she runs, the closer she comes to realize that there is no way out: she’s hooked. The Moon has imprinted her heart forever and her heart is immortal.

Love of the day and love of the night are dividing her fragile core, one flame burning, challenging the other….She sighs and leans against the firm land; all her tears are burry inside, cascading into the secret abyss of her soul.

Magic is flowing back and forth.

Flame, ignition, blaze…


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