The Lost Butterfly Chapter 5. Epilogue

The future has an odd sense of humor

LJ started the day with a minor headache; the previous day has been an overcrowded one with all kind of meetings and an endless pile of paperwork towering on his desk. Though he liked his work and the occurring responsibilities, he longed for more free time. As a bachelor he has allowed work to invade his personal time. Now it was hard to get it back.

But having a pool all for him in the basement of his house, he could enjoy his favorite sport: swimming. The place was comfortable, air conditioned and pleasantly lit. It was a quiet and undisturbed space that belonged only to him. So he started the day descending in this peaceful spot; he immersed in the cool liquid and swam up and down the length of the pool until the pressure in his skull subsided.

Now that hid mind has cleared, he came out and leaned on a couch trying to gather his thoughts for the challenges of the new day. Something was bothering him. At the age of 30 LJ was a handsome guy, clever and well placed, an eligible bachelor, courted by many ladies.

He was tall (1.9m), athletic with a pleasant, manly face, slightly exotic due to his native ancestors. The high cheekbones gave an interesting shape to the dark-brown eyes. He had a straight nose and nice, full lips. His skin was light-amber and his thick black hair was cropped short above his neck. By the whole he gave the impression of a powerful, big cat something like a mountain lion.

His co-workers liked him because he was reliable and dedicated. He had a well developed sense of humor but he wasn’t joking about his tasks. The one who seemed to give him headaches in the future was the new guy employed at the Art department.

It looked that he was quite blasé, totally unimpressed by those working beside him. He seemed to live in a world of his own; he was polite but out of reach except for a limited amount of sentences. They haven’t met yet face to face. All that LJ knew about him came from his colleagues working with him.

“ Artists…”mumbled LJ and stood up. It was time to go to work. He dressed up and eat something; he then took his car and left for work.

He left his car in the parking lot and quickly headed to the elevator, his mind wandering. As the automatic door opened he almost bumped into a person has just arrived from the opposite side. He let him in, mumbling some apologies; the other guy nodded curtly but said nothing and turned his back on LJ. It looked that he wasn’t in a mood to socialize.

He was almost as tall as LJ /around1.8m/ slender with long limbs. The medium long rebellious black hair was tied in a short pony tail. As they stopped at their floor the silent guy took left and headed to the Art department. LJ watched him departing; so this was the odd new guy; he made a mental note and turned to his own headquarters.

After a brief look over the daily duties he called for Eric Rocha, his friend from the Art Department. They both took a cup of coffee and stood to talk about some new developments.

-By the way-said LJ casually. I think I just bumped into the new member of your crew. He wasn’t very talkative; all I could see from him was his back.

-Well, usually it’s the best you can get from him if it’s not about work-chuckled Eric. He’s not a bad guy; he’s just very private. He has already helped a lot with the art-work and the younger ones like him. But he hates small talk.

By the way, have you ever seen his works? No? Let me show you; he’s quite impressive.

Eric’s fingers flew over the keyboard and there were lots of art-works signed simply “FB”. LJ watched intently and he had to agree that the guy was talented. His works were powerful but filled with a sensitive mystery that was quite elusive. Oddly enough LJ had a familiar feeling looking at the works…

-You’re right-he said to Eric. But what made him to come and work for us? He was already famous as a freelancer.

-He said something about personal issues and that he needed a permanent job. On the other hand we needed a fresh view and a personality like him came at hand.

LJ turned his head thoughtfully.

-I hope that in time we’ll find a way to communicate. Until then we have to work.

They both laughed and returned to their offices. The days went on uneventful until LJ got himself buried under a load of urgent matters so he decided to stay at the office late. It was quiet around as the evening was setting on the city. The building looked deserted except for the caretakers and those cleaning the offices.

LJ stretched and turned off the computer, locked up his things and took his coat. He locked the office and headed to the elevator when he spotted a dim light coming from the Art Department. Surprised he turned back and headed there to see who else was still working at that hour.  The new guy was working on the computer, his back turned at the door. LJ hesitated for a moment but curiosity got the best of him. He knocked and stepped inside. The young man didn’t seem to notice; he was changing and twisting some images with the ease of a magician.

-Good evening-said LJ as he came closer. I thought I was alone on this floor…

-Creative work requires some intimacy-came the reply in a soft voice. I’m still adjusting to the work in a crowded office.

The young man kept working while he was talking; LJ couldn’t see much of his face. Some of the rebellious black strands were falling forward, hiding him from the viewer.

-I’m LJ White-said him hoping to capture the young man’s attention.

The latter gave a small nod and kept focusing on his work.

-I know. And you know me to. I’m FB, the new guy from the Art Dept.

Suddenly he raised his face and took LJ by surprise. The young man was stunningly beautiful. He was in his mid-twenties; there was a sweet softness lingering in the oval of his face, in the fine line of the jaw, in the fresh, nicely curved lips… But the straight nose had fine, nervous nostrils and above all, he had mesmerizing lavender eyes, underlined by thick, black eyelashes. Those eyes were clear but deep like the water of a glacier lake high in the mountains.

LJ saw a quick flicker in those eyes as they connected with his eyes but it died out almost instantly. LJ stared at the young man, unable to utter a sound until the latter turned pink under his gaze.

-I’d rather you don’t stare at me. I’m not some freak of Nature-he whispered and turned back to work.

Surprised and embarrassed LJ said a short “Sorry” and left in a hurry. He felt stupid…yet he captured a faint comment that lately kept nagging him:

“ Cocky as usual…watching but not seeing.”

At home he took a shower and then sat on the top of the bed, recounting all that happened. The beauty of that face took him by surprise but he found those eyes the most disturbing feature. He felt that there was some kind of expectation in their look that it faded into…disappointment. LJ felt angry, confused and discomforted.

What was that youth thinking? Was he testing him? How dared he?


But no matter how humiliating the previous night seemed, LJ woke with a restlessness pushing him to get to work early. Despite anger and frustration he wanted to meet again the young artist. As he was the first one to arrive he could watch the others coming one by one. He saw the small, two seated silver sports car stopping at the parking lot outside the building. The young man descended and locked the vehicle. He was dressed simply, casually with a white, Russian style shirt and blue jeans. He walked gracefully, his long, untied hair flowing around in the same rhythm.

LJ counted the moment he would arrive at their floor and he took a few steps towards the elevator. They met face to face and stood still, watching each-other in silence. The lavender eyes shone with a mysterious inner light.

-Good morning-said the young man. You’re early- he added with an amused smile and turned towards his office, leaving a speechless LJ behind. A sudden rush of air blew a scent of wildflowers in his direction and he staggered. That scent was stirring up memories that he couldn’t yet properly touch. He desperately tried to unlock that place where something was building up and pushing the surface. At that moment he couldn’t see the young man staring back at him, watching unhappily his struggle…His face turned blank as he entered the office.

From a shaded corner a clearly surprised Eric Rocha was watching the unfolding of the events. It looked that somehow his friend was in connection with this young artist but at the same time he looked uncertain.

Eric took two coffees and knocked at his friend’s office. LJ looked slightly confused and thoughtful.

-You look like you have seen a ghost-said Eric jokingly.

-I might have-murmured LJ. But I can’t remember him properly.

-You mean FB?

-Yes. How do you know?

-I’ve seen his face; he looked…pained and desperate as he watched you. He didn’t know I was there. Is he bothering you? Shall we get rid of him?

LJ shook his head.

-No, no…on the contrary. I need to know more about him. This nagging feeling that’s coming from inside is genuine. There’s more than meets the eyes and I want to know what lies beneath.

He was back to his old self.

-Now, let’s get back to work. We still have a great deal ahead and I’d like to finish the projects as soon as possible.


LJ was pleased with the way the projects worked out. He could not ignore the fact that FB proved to be a great addition to their team; he had skills and good instinct so things worked out excellently. Even the communication between them got better. The young artist became less monosyllabic and he was more at ease with LJ.

Since the projects were finished successfully they decided to throw an office party to ease the tension and fatigue built up during work. LJ talked FB into joining the party and give up his shyness.

-Why should I?-asked the young man looking at LJ thoughtfully.

-Because a great deal of the success is due to your work and talent and you deserve to be known for it.

-Is that all?-came the following question.

-No. I would like you to be there. It’s… a personal request.

LJ reddened as he finished the request.

-Ok then-said the young man in a soft voice. I’ll come; I promise.



The two shapes of light watched them attentively.

-Do you think he’ll manage this time?-asked the taller.

-I hope so; he’s very much involved. I’m a little bit worried; he looks so desperate sometimes…

-He’ll be fine, you’ll see-said the taller.

-He’s so fragile-murmured the shorter one. He’s our special Child; I don’t like to watch his sufferance.

-I know, I know…but we didn’t expect this…



They all met at a small restaurant with a pleasant garden running down to a grassy meadow and a thick spot of forest. The place was lovely and had a familiar atmosphere. The music was good and the mainly young team greatly enjoyed every moment of the party. LJ scanned the happy crowd looking for FB. He was already there, talking with some girls; though he was very simply dressed, he stood out from the others. He was wearing a white T-shirt decorated with an intricate pattern and he wore a silver wrist-band on each wrist. He wore jeans and his hair was tied up as usual but one or two strands fell on his face.

He was slightly smiling while the girls were giggling around him. LJ watched him in amazement; the young man proved to be a pleasant company; only on certain occasions something made him withdrawn.

LJ made the tour of the party, talking and enjoying his colleagues’ company but he kept a constant watch on the young artist. The latter seemed oblivious about the watch; he had acknowledged LJ by the flicker in his lavender eyes and a short smile. The party went on and the afternoon turned almost too warm. Luckily the garden had many shaded, cool spots and narrow alleys where you could relax. LJ approached the young artist and invited him to find a quiet place to talk. They walked until they got near a wide, old tree and they sat on the ground, leaning against the rugged trunk. LJ lead the conversation and his companion listened with a slightly amused smile on his face. He rarely commented but this time he seemed to enjoy LJ’s company. LJ turned to him from time to time, watching the delicate profile and wondering why was he feeling so comfortable sitting here with this unusual young man.

There was an inner sense telling him that they shared a connection deeper and older that those days and weeks at the office. He had recalled many times the whispered words about his lack of ability to really see what was in front of him. LJ was determined to find out this time what was buried deep down in his memory. He also had to admit that the proximity of the young man made him restless. LJ stopped talking and gazed at him; the young man returned his gaze. His beautiful eyes were thoughtful and he turned serious. LJ felt as warmth built up inside him and he stood up while his companion followed him. They looked at each other silently then LJ closed one arm around his waist, pushed him with his back against the tree and kissed him. He felt the slender body stiffening but then giving in to him. The bittersweet, fresh scent of wildflowers surrounded them stirring up memories.  A shining expanse of water and long, thick grass passed in front of his eyes…a lovely face looking back at him, eyes filled with tears and sadness…LJ’s vision blurred. He held the young man closer and buried his face into the warm hollow of the neck; he felt his breath quickening and he moaned as LJ kissed his neck…He tried to free himself from the grip; LJ grabbed his wrists and one of the silver bands fell to the ground. LJ felt under his palm the twitching pulse and the long, thin scar crossing the wrist. Shocked by the finding he released the hand while his mind was overwhelmed by strong images; there was a sudden pain in his chest as he helplessly watched the blood dripping into a bath tub filled with water… He grabbed the young man’s shoulders and asked in a coarse voice:

-Is this something I have caused to you?! Tell me!!!!

The young man freed himself and turned away from him.

-It’s no use…he whispered in a desperate tone. Leave me, please…We’ll end up hurt, both of us!

-No! I won’t!-LJ shouted. I want to know what is this all about!

-It’s no use!

The young artist pushed him aside and ran down the faraway meadow; LJ fled after him angry but puzzled. His mind was ticking feverishly and he was taken aback by the turmoil of feelings and fragmented memories surfacing from the cracks of his mind. He realized that this wasn’t the only time in his life when he had chased this elusive young man. His image was carved deep inside his soul and it was bitter-sweet. LJ ran and took off his shirt; it was getting hot in this pursuit. FB was light as a feather and was running at top speed trying to escape from LJ. But the older man was strong and well trained and after a while he got the younger man, grabbing his T-shirt in his attempt to stop him.

The fabric of the shirt tore up revealing a colorful tattoo on the young artist’s shoulder; it was a beautiful butterfly that looked almost alive. Suddenly everything in LJ’s mind fell into place: the elusive butterfly, the mesmerizing amethyst eyes, the scent of wildflowers, all the pain and the passion…He barely heard the young man’s plea: ”Leave me, please…just let me go…”

He grabbed him and shook him:

-Stop! Stop it!-he shouted. FUYUKI!!! How many times are you going to run away from me?!

Fuyuki fell into his arms shaking and panting; tears were running down his face and he was unable to utter a sound for long minutes. Little John held him gently and caressed him to ease the shock; his whole life changed its perspective. By some strange twist of fate he was holding the forbidden and lost love of his previous life. He wasn’t about to question that; all he wanted for now was to keep him and never let go. As Fuyuki calmed down he took him round the shoulders and they sat on a shaded spot near the small forest.

-Fuyuki…asked LJ in a soft voice. Is this a dream or is it for real?

-It’s for real-whispered Fuyuki. You wished for it and so…did I; besides I made a promise. So here we are…

Little John buried his face in his hair and inhaled deeply the familiar scent. He squeezed him lovingly while Fuyuki folded in his arms.

-What about Yoshiasu?-he asked casually.

-He’s not here in this cycle. It’s only you and me.

-You’re younger-said Little John watching him closely.

-I had to wait a little until you get wiser and less cocky-chuckled Fuyuki. You’re still overconfident sometimes. I thought you’d never remember me…

-But I fell in love with you anyway. I’m sorry if I made you worry but why didn’t you tell me?

-It doesn’t work like that-said Fuyuki. Anyway, you wouldn’t have believed me; I had to annoy you a little to get you into act.

He laughed softly; Little John bent and kissed him.

-Would you move with me, Fuyuki?-he asked. Like…today?

-Don’t be afraid, I won’t fade away-smiled the young artist.

-You’re a gift of the gods so I won’t take any unnecessary risks. Anyway, I owe you a new shirt-chuckled Little John. Let’s go back; the others might be looking for us. I’ll ask Eric to help me out with your T-shirt.

They stood up and slowly walked back to the party. Little John found his shirt and dressed up; he called Eric and asked him to find something for Fuyuki and bring it to them. Eric was slightly taken aback by the strange request but he has seen them leaving together more than an hour ago. Finally he managed to get a proper shirt for the slim young man; he descended in the garden, looking for his friend and the young artist. He saw them coming; LJ was holding FB by the shoulders and they looked very happy together. It was a surprising development even for Eric Rocha; the two young men were radiant and for the first time the young artist’s unexpected beauty became evident. Their ease together spoke about a long and deep relationship…As they got closer LJ smiled and his companion blushed; he was half naked and he had a wonderful butterfly tattoo on his left shoulder. Eric quickly remembered a photo taken by a magazine from a young artist called “The Lost Butterfly”. He was almost sure that the young man in front of him was the same man; he handed on the shirt and turned to LJ while the other man dressed up.

-I knew there were some difficulties between the two of you but I didn’t expect to turn out so stormy-he chuckled. I see that you made amends and that apologies were accepted-he said to LJ.

Little John smirked.

-All for the best-he said. At least my memory has returned and it wasn’t empty handed. Fuyuki and I were high school sweethearts but we’ve lost track of each other; even then I had caused him a lot of pain but it seems that the good days were more important to him so he searched for me until we finally met.

Eric looked at him somehow incredulously but decided to accept the story delivered by his friend, at least for now. They all turned back inside where the party was still on; there were some surprised looks as people realized the intimacy of the relationship between LJ and their new colleague. There was a new light coming from inside in both young men and the young artist looked stunningly beautiful and relaxed. Soon everybody returned to the music, drink and chatter and the evening went on without any more disturbances.

Little John and Fuyuki drove together to LJ’s house. They had already taken some of Fuyuki’s personal things from his place. As the night fell over the city, they stood side by side under the stars, enjoying each other’s company. Fuyuki leaned against Little John; he untied the young man’s pony tail and ran his fingers through the silky black strands. He bent over the beautiful face and kissed his love until he melted in his arms. He then carried him in his arms into the bedroom; he placed him on the bed and sat beside him, running his fingers slowly and gently across that delicate face. Fuyuki blushed and turned, his breath speeding up.

-Please-said Little John. Stay; don’t turn away. I never had the chance to watch you closely as much as I wanted. Don’t get shy; you’re so beautiful…

He ran his fingers over the soft lips and then over the fine line of the jaw, running down to the warm hollow of the neck. Fuyuki moaned and shivered under the touch.

-First time I saw you Old John warned me: Don’t stare! He’s already taken! I wondered even then: Why?! Why are you there?! Why are you so fuckin’ beautiful and friendly?!

Why are you already taken?! Why was that happening to me?!

Little John’s hand brushed gently over the chest and over the sensitive nipples. Fuyuki closed his eyes as his breath hitched. He turned towards Little John and braced himself against him raising his body to meet him. Little John rolled atop and kissed him deeply and whispered into his ears:

-You are pure beauty and joy and I love you…Don’t leave me anymore!

Fuyuki cried out as he felt him inside and they made love passionately, over and over again as they did last time when they were together. Just that this time they belonged to each other so they gave in uninhibitedly.

Taken up by the maelstrom of feelings and emotions Little John mentally thanked the gods who allowed him to live this magic, to love and being loved by Fuyuki.


They woke up holding each other; Little John was pleased to see happiness sparkling in the lavender eyes. They descended to the basement and both enjoyed the morning swimming. After a short breakfast they left for work together, in Little John’s car. Fuyuki took farewell from the Art Team but offered them his help and inviting them to call whenever they needed. He shook hands with Eric Rocha:

-I hope I haven’t created too many problems to you. Please, excuse my previous behavior; it wasn’t meant to you…I really enjoyed working with your team-he said.

Eric laughed pleasantly.

-I’m accustomed to artists’ oddities; you’re a mild case! We will miss you and your skills. By the way, may I know your real name?

-I’m Fuyuki Tanaka and yes, I’m the Butterfly Artist. I’m working on my next exhibition and all of you are invited. And as I’ve already told everyone…my house is your house.

They’ve parted in good terms; Fuyuki returned to Little John and they agreed to meet at lunch time. Little John watched him walking away; life with Fuyuki wouldn’t be a quiet, dull one, he knew it well from their previous existence. But he was madly in love with him and he knew that this time Fuyuki belonged body and soul only to him. A gift from the gods…




Fuyuki woke up in the middle of the night and sit up in bed. The room was dimly lit by the fool moon peeking through the windows.

The young man looked at his sleeping lover. Little John slept peacefully breathing slowly; Fuyuki smiled, his companion was quite handsome. He looked content and his manly features softened as he relaxed in his dream. The slightly pouting full lips reminded Fuyuki of the cocky young native he once knew. Now that young man was a more responsible adult and a proud man in his early thirties. The roles were reversed; Fuyuki was five years younger, with more delicate features but with the same passionate heart.

He sat in the half-lit room deeply immersed in thoughts. It looked like he was connecting with somebody on a mind-level. As minutes passed by his concentration deepened and his breath sped up. He was slightly trembling but stood still and continued the effort. The air around filled with electricity and two dim silhouettes emerged from the darkness. Their contour was underlined by a shade of phosphorescent light. Each of them sat on a chair looking silently to Fuyuki. The young man raised his eyes and fixed them.

-So…he whispered. You came.

-You have called us, Child- answered one of them in deep baritone.

-Aren’t you happy now?-asked the other one with a lighter voice.

Fuyuki sighed and bit his lower lip.

-Happy…What do YOU know about happiness? Or…do you care?

-You are with him now-said the baritone. Wasn’t that your deepest wish?

-Yes-said Fuyuki and his voice sank. Yes, I wanted to be with him because I was and I am in love and I missed him. I missed the love that never had a chance to become reality because at that time it wasn’t meant to be.

Yes, I am happy with him now; but each day of happiness brings with it another day of deep despair in the future. The more I love him, the more I’ll suffer when we’ll have to part. Then you’ll ask me to choose one of them for the next cycle and you’ll sit there watching the new story unfold.

-What’s wrong with it?-asked tenor. Don’t you love them both? You seem to be equally happy with both of them…

-What’s wrong?!!!-Fuyuki stood up and came near them. He stopped in front of the shapes. Everything is wrong! What am I to YOU?! A toy?  A gadget?  A pet? An object of experiment? I am less than your damned ship….

He braced himself for a moment then burst out passionately:

-I am YOUR Child! You let me be born and raised as a human. I am a human! I have a heart, I have feelings! I love and I hurt! YOU know nothing of it! You see only the outside but you haven’t experienced it from the inside!

Yes, I love both of them and that’s why I can’t choose between them! YOU…YOU are tearing me apart and you don’t even realize that! I don’t want to choose between them!

I want to DIE! And I want the two of you to live forever with the thought that you caused my death! I curse you for your stupid kindness that knows nothing and understands nothing! Now I know why people hate their gods! They understand nothing about the poor, unhappy creatures they’ve created…

Fuyuki fell on his knees crying desperately. The two shapes looked at each other in surprise. The baritone tried to say something but the tenor stopped him by raising a hand. He stood up and stopped next to the sobbing young man. He crouched and gently touched his shoulder.

-Child, don’t cry. I can’t say that I fully understand your reproaches but I realize the depth of your sorrow and despair. Maybe you’re right; we played a cruel game with you and you’re the one who lost.

Not knowing it doesn’t excuse us; we’ve failed you. This won’t happen again. Look at me please.

Fuyuki raised his face and looked into the shadow-face. The tenor cupped his face with both hands, gazing deeply into the lavender eyes shimmering with tears. He spoke softly.

-Relax, Child; your fight is over…

Fuyuki’s eyes shut and he fell asleep. The baritone helped the tenor to place him in bed.

-What are you going to do?-asked the baritone.

-I’ll relieve him from his burden and put an end to his torment. I have suppressed their previous memories. All they know are the present facts: that they are in love with each other. Let them fully enjoy the cycle…

-What about the future?-asked the baritone.

-I made the choice for him and he doesn’t have to find out anymore about that.

The baritone thought for a moment then he nodded.

-Whom have you chosen?

-You might find it surprising but I’ve chosen this young guy. He’s very passionate and quite untamed; I have a feeling that no matter what would we do, he would not give up on Fuyuki…

-So be it-said the baritone. He caressed the face of the sleeping young artist. You are a wonderful Child but you are quite a handful. These humans with their intense and contradictory feelings…I don’t think I’ll ever understand them properly.

He turned to the tenor.

-Let’s go-said the other. We have some reports to fill and we have a lot to explain…

They turned and slowly faded. A rush of cold air flew around the room and made Fuyuki stir in sleep. He cuddled in Little John’s arms; instinctively, his lover held him closer and they slept quietly till morning.




Little John sat on the edge of the bed watching silently the sleeping young man. His sleep was deadly deep; there wasn’t much hope that he’ll wake up again. He wasn’t sick or drugged or anything like this; he just didn’t want to wake up. He faded away inside him and shut the doors behind. There was only a thin channel of communication left but that was connected only to Little John.

The two silhouettes were sitting in this room just as they did before once upon a cycle, long time before. They were stunned by the young man’s resolve.

-Don’t take him away-said Little John in a restrained voice. He doesn’t want to go.

-But…we have to go. Our mission has ended and we’re about to depart. He cannot stay here; he doesn’t belong here. He’s …our Child.

-He’s human now and we belong to each other. We have developed our own connection during the cycles. I can follow him to the edge of the solar system, but as soon as you cross it, our connection will break and then…he will die. Are you ready to face that?

-He’ll die anyway if we’ll leave him here! It’s an awful choice! We were not prepared for this!!!

Little John sighed and watched them closely.

-Then you can understand now his torments and dilemmas…Leave him with me! We love each other and I’ll do anything to protect him and make him happy, even if this is the last cycle of our life.

The baritone gave an inquisitive look to the tenor; the other one was sunk in deep thinking. After a while he looked up and spoke to Little John.

-I always had special feelings for him; I knew this was our most unusual and precious Child. We leave him in your care…we cannot save his life against his will. I think this is what humans face when their own children are starting their life…Come-he said turning to the baritone-there’s no need for us here anymore.

-Little John!-said the baritone to the young man. Tell our Child that…we love him and we wish him to be happy on his own terms!

The silhouettes slowly faded. Little John ran his fingers over Fuyuki’s soft cheeks. The Lost Butterfly stirred in his sleep and mumbled something, then turned towards the caressing hand and sighed in sleep. He was back, close to the real world.

Little John leaned over him and kissed him lovingly. They had the whole life ahead…





The two silhouettes were woven of light; one of them was taller and stronger than the other that looked slender. They embraced and held each other for minutes. When they parted (for a moment) the slender one was holding a cocoon of light in his hands. He offered it to his companion and they both supported it with their entwined hands until the cocoon started to glow with a soft light. The light became shinier with each moment and the cocoon slowly lifted in the air. It hovered over their hands…then rose higher and higher until it disappeared in the azure background of the sky. The two silhouettes embraced once again, the slender one cuddling in his companion’s arms. They watched the cocoon departing then they turned on the opposite direction, walking slowly in the twilight.

-He’ll manage, don’t worry-said the slender one.

-Our first Child…how wonderful-murmured the taller.

-We’ll be around whenever he needs us-completed Fuyuki, leaning against Little John.

His lover squeezed him gently, lovingly and kissed him. He encircled his shoulders with an arm and they slowly faded into the shadows, leaving behind a warm, golden glow.

Somewhere in the colorful world of the Blue Planet a new Butterfly was ready to emerge from his cocoon of light…

FIN/for now




“Hey, hey come on…


“I have wonderful news…


“The first half light-half human Child was born!

“They succeeded?


“Oh! But how…?

“It’s what humans call “the Power of LOVE”

“I’m happy and I’m impressed; there’s hope for both our races.

“And our Child is really…special.

“You were right from the beginning. Probably that’s why…I love you, if I may say that.

“So do I, you big fool…humanly speaking.

They laughed a happy laugh; the Universe kept spinning but in a better mood. His Children were improving, slowly but surely…


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