Something to remember

Something to remember. Remember sufferings and madness causing it. Remember that no one is safe when hatred raises its ugly head. Remeber that everyone can turn into a victim, when people around become blind and deaf. Remember that while people around  turn away , you become increasingly small, insignificant, disposable, invisible….

We have survived two major wars during  the  XXth Century and it seems like yesterday. We have piled horrors upon horrors in a short period of time like madmen, like it wasn’t our ownsociety’s fabric we were tearing up, it weren’t our homes crumbling and our loved ones dying. We let ourselves lured by fanatics and populists, we bought their poisonous promisses while they lead us one against the others. Like so many times in  HUMAN history we have found amongst us the ones to be used and abused as scapegoats for all our miseries and failings. We herded them as cattles towards the slaughter houses and turned them into ashes. They were our former neighbors, our former friends, our former loved ones, our former fellow humans…

We as majorities we have chosen some of the minorities and tagged them. We decided that they were less than us. We have decided that they were less than humans. Through this WE became less than humans. We let them be butchered in the name of prejudice; but all that prejudice was and still is OUR sickness. We were carrying this SOCIAL DISEASE and we let them be killed for that.

Almost 70 years ago the madness came to an end. At the trial  some of the surviving victims had the chance to speak out for the first time about all  they’ve put through. For decades the story was told about the rightful sentences given to the perpetrators.  An entire nation was redeemed and the world made amends towards it. But not all the victims got redeemed then. NO. Because prejudice had not died  with the last gunfire. More than 50 years after the Nurnberg Trial a great number of victims and survivors of the Holocaust were still outcasts in their homelands. Politics and prejudice erased them again and criminalised them just like during the war. Once again they were considered less than humans, disposable citizens, criminals.

I am not that shocked  by the fact that  society had been unable to get over of its basic flaws. But I am  apalled and sickened by the thought that those who have suffered side by side with these people, had kept silent and never spoke up publicly about the invisible ones! How was this possible?! How could this happen?! How much sufferance has anyone to endure in order to overcome  prejudice and remain solidary with its fellow humans?!

I am the descendant of one of the victims of the Holocaust and I sincerely believe that my gentle Grandfather would’ve spoken out about Gays, Romas and all the others who until recently were treated as low rank citizens, somebody to be overlooked. These  years and these days monuments were raised in the memory of the forgotten ones. The Gay Holocaust was comemorated  in Germany, Italy  and then in Israel. I feel more at peace now but I am not entirely happy.

There shouldn’t be a different memorial for each category of Holocaust victims; they were ON THE WHOLE victims of the same madness and murderous political vision. They have been annulated  and wiped out for the same reasons, with the same  ease and had been subjected to the same horrors that now we find hard even to recall. NO prejudice should separate the  victims!

Today is a special day. It’s about something to remember.All these humans had been killed for something that wasn’t their choice! They had  been killed after they were tagged. We must never forget them. We must never forget what WE are able to do to one another.

Remember: prejudice has not died. Ugly mother of mindless hatred, she’s still around, thriving on the same ground that made her great and powerful just yesterday. The worshipers of prejudice, the constant gardeners of fear and hatred against diversity are still here,  undermining out humanity whenever we lend them an ear or our trust.

This is a day of remembrance! We shouldn’t turn deaf and blind anymore .  We shouldn’t turn away from sufferance and injustice. We cannot afford the slaughter of the innocents become the trade mark of our history as species.


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