Dear Facebook!

My friend, Facebook, we have a problem and I’d like to sort it out. A few days ago a good friend of mine, a young man whose judgment I trust reported you a page named “Say No to Roma Gypsies”. He reported the title, the content and the graphic symbols of that page as being an example of “hate speech”.

Your swift answer had this conclusion: “We reviewed the page you reported for containing hate speech or symbols and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

So I’ve decided to look into this myself and I must admit that I am puzzled. I don’t understand what is your problem. Maybe we have reported this page to a computer that has limited understanding of human behavior. If that’s the source of misunderstanding, I suggest that either you refine the skills of your computer or better, you put a human at the end of the line. He would be able to understand us.

You also might have some people looking into these reports with a pencil in the hand, sorting out what is within or outside of your Community Standards. That’s fine but this might prove a difficult job when things are not plain obvious.

Of course, the incriminated page doesn’t display a swastika and doesn’t incite the reader to grill the Romas or Muslims either. They are not that stupid. They have upgraded and refined hate speech and wrapped it up in patriotic discourse.

So in order to find out what’s really wrong on that page you need to read carefully the logo, the materials posted inside and look beyond the words and symbols. Only after you properly understood the intention behind the words you can hit the button.

This page I am talking about is promoting ethnic discrimination, suggesting that the Romas are only beggars and thieves, because of their ethnicity. This is a very popular backwards logic, used by the nationalist extreme right wing. A thief is a thief, no matter what ethnic he belongs to. Ethnicity doesn’t make anybody a criminal. Mr. Zuckerberg should know better from the recent history of his/and my/ancestors what happens when an entire nation is criminalized and then almost wiped out on that ground.

Those people the page is referring to are citizens of the EU so they are entitled to travel around it, including the UK. Though they belong to a specific country, for them the EU is the larger home. You cannot say NO to them because they are Romas since that would be ethnic discrimination. You cannot say No to a foreigner because he’s not an Englishman since that would be xenophobia. You cannot say NO to somebody and rule him out from society because he’s a Muslim, since that would be religious discrimination. You cannot also suggest that if some Muslim religious leaders use hate speech, all Muslims are terrorist wannabes. All these assumptions are discriminating and they are generating/instilling hatred in society towards the members of certain ethnic groups or religious ones. This is HATE SPEECH.

This is what the “Say No to Roma Gypsies” page is about.

Dear Facebook!

Since we are friends, I strongly suggest that you check and upgrade your Community Standards. It badly needs improvement. Times are rapidly changing and you have to keep up with the pace. It’s for a better cause and a better world.

Thank you!

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