A letter to India

The 9th  January 2014




Dear Sir,



My name is Mrs. Brindusa Poenaru and I am addressing You this letter from a far country, Romania/Europe.

I have great respect and admiration towards your country, your nation and your rich and diverse culture. I come from a very different one but we share one basic trait that unites us throughout the world. We are all humans.

We came from many different directions, we walked very different paths, we saw and experienced so many different things in our journey. Yet just as the colors of the rainbow, we ALL have to unite to create the purest light. Nobody can be left out from this unique combination or we’ll be forever left in the dark.

Just like a wise philosopher once said: “The goal of every intelligent being is to reach happiness”. And I’m sure that you know that the best way leading to happiness is LOVE. This is the one and only dream that lies in every human heart. This is the most beautiful connection between all of us, wherever we are.

I have written this letter to express my hope that my words would reach You and that you would reconsider the Supreme Court’s decision about Section 377. My deepest wish is that you get down this Section and stop criminalizing love.

As I wrote a few sentences before, we had come a long way in our common Human History. We live in a century that finally values human life and  individual rights. India has known a huge development and it’s a great country among the others. It was about time to take another step and make justice to some of her citizens that were grossly mistreated during history. In my opinion, the fact that section 377 had been turned down, and then reenacted it is an act of cruelty and disrespect towards those citizens of India who were directly affected.  I am fully aware that there is a lot of misunderstanding about the LGBTQ community but we will never be able to reconcile and surpass misrepresentation if we build walls between us and them.

Despite all reluctance and religious motivations, you have to keep in mind that these people are OUR children, our brothers and sisters, lawful citizens contributing with all their might and talent to the building of the country. They deserve to be treated equally and respectfully simply because they are CITIZENS. If you have concerns about morality, you can support the education and with learned and well informed citizens you won’t need laws to enforce morality. In my opinion, a healthy society is built upon the trust and respect and the free will of its citizens, not on spying on each other. Privacy is an important element of self-respect; please, don’t make “bedroom-laws”. They are meant only to trample on human dignity and I’m sure this is not your goal as an important and respected member of society.

Thank you for your undivided attention.

Sincerely yours

Brindusa Poenaru

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2 thoughts on “A letter to India

  1. Awesome.. Hope it will convey our voice to Chief Justice of India.. On one side you are the largest democracy of world, and on other hand Love is criminalized .

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