From the stars above. Chapter9.The new dawn

Kian’s recovery was slow and with frequent remissions. Fortunately Shawn and Gavin were supporting him and their friendship kept him on track. The shocking moment of the necklace brought his whole memory back. It was both a curse and a blessing.

Remembering was painful but it kept him busy. He wanted to give back something for the care and the love he’s got from the cruise of the ANTARES. So he worked hard with the researchers to unravel the mysteries of his race. He translated signs and symbols, inscriptions and intricate patterns. He turned his memories into data files and took an active role in the various excavations. He found some traces of his own history and connected it to the dome from the Temple of Stars. The dome proved to be the resting place designed for the Marked ones and Kian was the most famous one.

Commander Soren was very pleased with the progress they made with Kian’s help. He liked the young man and he felt comfortable about his friendship with the young and promising members of his crew. Still there were problems to be discussed about Kian’s status within the crew. As the excavation brought more and more data their assignment was drawing to an end. They were going back to Earth, leaving the planet open to other research teams. He decided to have a friendly talk with Kian. He invited him to his headquarters along with Dr. Gillian. Dr. Gillian has just arrived when Kian knocked on the Commander’s door.  They watched the young angel with undisclosed interest.

After months of struggle it looked like he has found a way to deal with his losses and that he was starting to live a purposeful new life. He looked well balanced and confident. Shortening his hair made him loose his boyish look and though he was just in his late twenties, he looked manlier now. He proved to be a good addition for Gavin and Shawn; they also matured a lot since their friendship with Kian.

-Please, have a sit both of you-said the commander. Kian, dr.Gillian and I, we were thinking about your choices for the future. As you might suspect, our assignment ends up in no more than a month or two. We’re going back to Earth and we would like to know what do you intend to do.

Kian gave a small smile.

-I’ll never forget that I owe you all my life. So I offer you all my knowledge and my services. I’m a sociologist, my degree is in alien civilizations and I’m a trained pilot. I’d be honored to join your crew. As you noticed I have a special connection to Earth and I intend to spend some time there to unravel some of my past. This looks to be my close future in a nutshell.

-I’d be happy if you’d like to join us. You’re most welcome. I also agree that you need some time to balance your personal life. We will spend some time docked and the crew will be on holidays. There’s still one basic problem to be discussed-continued the commander.

-The story of my life…-said Kian. I intended to ask for your advice. I dread that my celebrity might affect or even damage Shawn’s and Gavin’s life.

-There’s some sensitive information that should remain undisclosed- intervened Dr. Gillian. For instance the fact that you’re Shawn’s…forefather. Am I right?

-You are. I married a girl shortly before my leaving and she was expecting our child. I was summoned to return to my home planet unexpectedly and on my way home I had an accident. I barely survived and shortly after that I…died. I don’t intend to let anybody know about my family, except you two and my young friends. But we could work out an official version of my early life and I could come out with it on a worldwide conference.

-This would be a good option-agreed the commander. I suggest that we use this moment and work it out.


The worldwide conference proved to be a huge success. People all around the Earth, the members of the base and inhabitants of other alien worlds were interested in watching and listening Kian’s message.

He talked about his home planet and the Angels’ civilization, about his dream to learn about a young and hopeful race, the humans, about his travels to Earth, the friendships he made, about his confrontations at home with the leaders of his planet, the mystery of the Marked Ones and their impact on the history of the Angels.

He also talked about the difficulties to adjust to the disappearing of his entire race and the legacy he has to fulfill, the love, the care and the support he’s got from the entire crew from the ANTARES4004.

He publicly thanked to everybody that helped him trough his moments of despair and to all of those who helped him to give a sense to his life.

-Man, you’re a star!-exclaimed Gavin in his usual enthusiastic manner. Do you think you’ll be able to handle this huge popularity on Earth?-he asked in a more serious tone.

-I hope so-smirked Kian. I count on your support! Shawn, would it be convenient for you to lodge me?

-What do you think?-smiled Shawn. After all, you’re family…

-I am but above all I’m blessed to have you both as my best friends!

-So be it!-laughed Gavin. Boys! Let’s go celebrate! The treat is on me!


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