From the stars above. Chapter7.Epilogue

Kian ‘s early demise in the name of an ideal raised great disturbance. People around the planet demanded an explanation from the ruling High Council. The younger Angels roamed the streets of the capital, preparing a riot against the head of the council, Gharmos.

In the Council Room the senators very angrily shouting at each other.  Gharmos was in rage; that hot-headed, disobedient youngster created turmoil even in his death. And now, even many of the senators were turning against him, questioning his authority…Heavy silence fell over the room as Senator Stelar arrived at the Council.

He looked pale and shaken but kept his proud and majestic composure. Everybody in the room turned to him. Stelar stopped and looked calmly straight in Gharmos’ eyes. The ruler shifted uncomfortably.

-I’m sorry-he said suppressing a grimace of anger, but your son was a fool. He died to save a planet full of strangers.

-You’re a pitiful person, Gharmos-replied Stelar, looking down on him. My son was not a fool; he was a wonderful and decent human being. He sacrificed his life because he felt that this was the right thing to do. I wish I had his love, strength and devotion…

-You’re all fools!-screeched Gharmos, looking around.

-Tell them-said Stelar opening the window to the street.

Outside people were shouting angrily, demanding Gharmos’ resignation. The members of the High Council left the room one by one, leaving the resentful old man to face the crowd by himself.


Almyra and Stelar were sitting in Kian’s room trying to face their loss and retrieve something from the memory of their eldest son last days. Looking through his belongings found on the starship Stelar stumbled upon a recorded diary. With hands shaking of distress he pushed the starter.  He embraced his wife and both of them sat in silence, listening to Kian’s voice recounting the happiest days of his life spent on the Blue Planet.

They learned about his friendship with Mrs.Knight and her son, Brian, about Kian’s first encounter with love, his struggle with the new and sometimes overwhelming feelings, his commitment to his friends and his love, Maya and about their unborn child. They looked at each other; Kian’s sacrifice got a new and deeper meaning.

-My dear-whispered Stelar, holding his wife closer. We’ve become grandparents.

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