From the stars above. Chapter28. Happy ending,new beginning

Things worked out perfectly for all of them. Sagitarius lead his people out from the depths of the planet to the light warming the surface. Hand in hand with the humans and other intelligent creatures aboard the ANTARES 4004 they’ve built a new, wonderful world for all of them. They unearthed the starship that brought them there, restarted it and took the first stellar flight.

Kian and Sheera married the same day Antares committed to his love, Andrew.

The two happy couple traveled to the Earth on the ANTARES4004.  Kian and Sheera took the young Night Flyers all around the world where they had met. The four of them took a trip to the planet of Angels and for the first time, the descendants of the Night Flyers returned to their homeland. The planet was beautiful, untouched and…lonely. There was no intelligent creature to love and cherish her; it was Andrew who suggested that they might return and conquer their former home. Kian was elated by the idea. Antares and Sheera shared the enthusiasm. In less than two years, the new settlers were building the first city after more than 500 years. Angels and Night Flyers, hand-in-hand, were rebuilding the planet of their common birth.



The new world was born out of love and trust.

This was a world that was home for everyone.

They were all ONE. Forever.

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