From the stars above. Chapter27.Relieved

Kian was listening to the conversation for some time; he was appalled by the risks this young stranger took to save the life of a so called “enemy’. He felt humbled. Was he such an important person? What has he done to deserve such a sacrifice? He could understand now the anger of Commander Eron; he was deeply concerned for the future of his beloved nephew. Kian took a deep breath and stepped out, next to Antares and Sheera.

-Whatever it would happen you’d never be alone; you are dear to both of us and we’ll be here beside you. About your concerns…our doctor could sort this out, if you agree. I take responsibility for the outcome, whatever might be.

Sheera stood up and put a hand around the Angel’s waist. She smiled encouragingly towards the young Night Flyer.

-Come, Little brother. Let’s see what is bothering you.

The three friends walked together to the medical area. The doctor was helpful and supportive. He scanned carefully the body of the troubled youth and laughed.

-You’re fine, young man. No need to worry; you’re not pregnant but you’re changing. The Power of the Nova has found its way in your body and it’s rebuilding it on a higher level. I’m oblivious about the result of this subtle work but knowing Kian’s…talents I expect some proper surprises about you. I cannot appreciate when would this procedure end but you’re welcome here anytime. I’ll keep an eye on you.

They all joined the doctor in a happy and relieved laughter. Antares jumped and almost knocked off the ceiling. Kian and Sheera caught him, kissed him lovingly and they all left to celebrate the news.

Commander Eron learned all about this at the dinner table; Sheera and Kian invited him to their place to share the good news and finally reconcile the two men.

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