From the stars above. Chapter24. The history of the Night Flyers

“ By the time you are watching this I assume that most of us who landed on this planet would be long gone. We secured the starship and kept it hidden just in case somebody from our tormentors would stumble upon this place. Just the same, we had hopes that somewhere in the future our children and their descendants would learn how to drive it and they’ll become free members of the mighty Universe.

We came from the planet of….., a planet inhabited by the human race of Angels. We were a successful race, roaming the stars and discovering new worlds. Unfortunately, we had some deeply rooted flaws that eat us from inside. From time to time some out of ordinary individuals were born amidst us. Despite our openedness towards the Universe, we were quite close-minded towards our members inside. We didn’t know how to handle the fact that they were so evidently different. We considered them a menace, manifestations of an unknown sickness. We tried to get rid of them somehow; it wasn’t easy since they were our own children. There were families trying to hide their …such children from public, out of shame and out of fear that they might bring misery upon them all. There were though parents loving their children and desperately trying to protect them from a less understanding society. It was a tragedy boiling under the surface. On the other hand it was almost impossible to hide them because they also wanted their own life and freedom. They were yearning for their own right for happiness and that meant to come out as they were.

The bolder ones did it but the response was grim. Our rulers decided to gather them and isolate them to a remote place on the planet, a place that was unknown to most of us. The families were forbidden from getting in touch with their loved ones; they were forced to give up on their children and keep the silence. The public soon forgot about these unfortunate events since the whole thing was handled in the deepest secret; not even some of the Senators were aware that some of the citizens of our planet were wrongfully confined. They were busy in handling another category of out of ordinary youth, the Marked Ones. Those were also highly unusual members of society but they have preserved the look and the gender identity of the Angels. The rulers have tried, unsuccessfully to tame them; there were victims among them also until one of them made a huge difference.

Son of one of the most respected Senators, young Kian opposed Gharmos and put his life at risk to save one of the planets inhabited by humans. His early demise created a huge uproar and things seemed to change on our planet. But it wasn’t enough; by the time my son was born as a …Night Flyer, another generation of rulers was still stubborn and unwilling to release the Night Flyiers into the Angels’ society. They were still considered sick and unwanted. To make it worst, while our society was slowly declining there were voices stating that those…impure ones were the cause of our increasing misery and that a final solution was needed.

My little boy grew up happy and oblivious to all this; we hid him and I was by then one of the top Commanders of the Starfleet of Angels. I desperately searched for help among those whom I suspected that they were in the same situation but it looked like an uprising would not have chances to win the battle. So we decided to search for our deported children and flee the planet to another planet, far enough from our…home. For years, the best of us worked on the plan, carefully, meticulously. We found this planet, I had a starship under my command and some of us detected the hidden detention area. It was masked by a deceiving holographic image but we found it.

Disarming the guards wasn’t that hard; nobody expected a mutiny. We packed up the whole population of scared and confused individuals and departed. My other fellows rested on the home-planet to cover up the trails and to help out the rest of my family. I took my little boy on a trip to the stars…It wasn’t an easy decision to make but it was the only hope for our innocent and wonderful sons. I never regretted my choice; they are amazing and lovely all of them. I don’t know why were they born this way but I can see them that they are beautifully human and loving. They stick together and protect each other; I can’t be any prouder. On the long journey to our new home I have taught them what I considered to be of main importance. I could see that they were interested and creative. My little one has never had a sad day; there were enough children of his age around, all becoming his friends. And I found out something even more amazing: there were newborn ones among the Night Flyers. They were the Night Flyers own babies. Their body was able to change if necessary and assure proper conditions for conceiving and carrying out a healthy baby. A new race emerging from that of the Angels, a race of elusive, interchanging males. A possible race of star-travelers. Amazing.

So here we are. I hope for a better future for them; my mind wanders back home from time to time. I know nothing about the fate of the Angels and I wouldn’t want them to find us, at least not until my protégées would be able to stand up for themselves and their new home.

I close my log with undiminished hope that after all the good in us all will prevail.”


The tall figure faded out and Kian heard the sound of a muffled sob behind. He jumped from the chair and held the Night Flyer close, the feathered wings carefully wrapped around both of them.

-I’m here to protect you all and to pick up this legacy and take you to the stars, Little Brother.  There’s no chance that I would give up on you and on my last relatives.

Kian’s voice was calm but firm; he knew that there were some battles ahead but he had a purpose. And he wasn’t alone; he had a wonderful friend beside him. Antares unfolded from the hug and questioned him:

-The youth from the story it was you, isn’t it? You haven’t died? How come that you’re here after such a long time?

Kian sighed.

-It looks like the Power of the Nova prevented me from dying but I was almost dead. When the humans discovered me, I was the only one that survived. They successfully revived me, took me back to the Earth. I…I found the tomb of my former wife and my unknown son…and I found their descendants. We are now best friends and we travel together on that starship above. It…was…hard to come back to life only to find out that nothing has left from what I have loved once. But I guess I was lucky after all; I fell in love with a lovely girl and we’re engaged. And then, I found you and your people…I am home again.

Antares became paler as Kian confessed about his engagement with a girl he loved but said nothing. He restrained himself from showing the deep emotions washing over him and kept his attention focused. They had to keep strong and close; the young Night Flyer knew that the moment they would return from this trip they both would be in danger of being killed. Antares also had his goals and prized assets to protect. He was amazed and happy beyond imagination about these discoveries and mainly hopeful. Whatever concerns he had, they were hidden deeply in his troubled heart. He turned his gaze to Kian who was smiling to him. There was an unmistakable charm in this handsome stranger, unexpected warmth that soothed any heartache. Antares smiled back at him and they took the way back to the entrance.

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