From the stars above.Chapter23.The Mountain of Memories

As they came closer to the mountain, it looked more and more menacing with its huge size; though it wasn’t that high it was mindblowing. It was an odd mountain with its top chopped off by a giant sword; thick, deep-green forests were surrounding it like a colar but the large expanse of the top was barren and scarred. Something has left deep scratches in the rocky surface that has had melted under a tremendous fire. Kian recognized the pattern instantly; it was a landing site of a spaceship. But where was the ship itself?

They landed and looked around; Antares was amazed and overwhelmed by strange emotions. On the other hand, Kian had a strange but familiar feeling of deja-vu. He could recognize the marks left by an Angel’s starship. He had seen plenty of them. He watched carefully the lines in the ground trying to decipher the secret hidden for hundreds of years, while the young Night Flyer followed him silently. They walked like this for some time when everything changed.

The land caved under their feet and they both plunged into a pit-black abyss. Fortunately they were winged but even so Kian could hardly orientate in the deep darkness. But Antares was comfortable with the sudden night so he closed to the Angel and gently touched him.

-Hold my hand; I can see where we are going. You can trust me with the landing-he added, chuckling.

-I’m fine-came the amused answer-just tell me something about what you can see around.

-It looks like a huge cavern filled with strange things, some kind of instruments hung on the walls. We’re almost down, at the bottom of the cave.

-Ok, let’s go!

In a few minutes they touched the ground…and then everything lit up around them! Caught by surprise by the shower of light, Antares cried out in pain and covered his eyes. Kian shielded him with his thick wings, giving his friend time to adjust to the change. He looked around in amazement: they were inside a…starship, one that was buried inside the mountain. Or was it the mountain that has been built up around that starship?

Antares, recovered from the initial shock, looked around and turned to his friend questioningly.

-What is this?

-It’s a starship…from my, no from out home-planet. It looks familiar to me; I have traveled with one of its generation. THIS is the proof that we belong to the same species.

-Do you know how to fly it?

-I do but it can’t be done by only one person; fortunately it has its instruction for each section in the main computer and I suspect that it is fully functional after so many years. Let’s go around; there are so many questions to be answered, Little brother!

He affectionately laid a hand around the Night Flyer’s Shoulder and they proceeded inside the cavern of wonders and memories. Just as Kian expected, the starship was in very good condition. The hiding place proved to be perfect. As they reached the personal cabins of the crew and of the passengers, new evidence emerged about who traveled with this ship. The Night Flyers arrived on the whole here, elders and youngs, many of them still children. Kian wanted to get to the Commander’s room; there was a good chance that the Commander’s Log was still intact. Whoever brought these fugitives on this planet had to be a brilliant specialist and an outstanding personality. The Universe was incredibly vast and dangerous.

-These were your ancestors-said the Angel turning to his young friend. All we have to do now is to discover the reason they were forced to leave their home. I suspect that this is written down in the Captain’s Log. I’ll search for it; you can stay here, watch and learn. It’s your history, my friend, the one you were wishing for.

Kian smiled and left Antares to wander around the premises. He could see that the youth was astounded facing the memories of the long departed ones. He wanted to let him settle on his own terms.

-I’ll be around if you need me-he said in a soft voice as he left.

Antares wasn’t able to utter a sound; he just gave a nod and kept pasting the images hung on the walls of the cabins. Faces and places from a remote planet, the land where all of them were born once.  The planet of the ruby ocean…

Kian took a sharp turn on the narrow corridor and stopped in front of a door; it was the Captain’s cabin. He opened the door and entered; the face looking back from the wall acknowledged his hidden thoughts. It was a handsome, majestic middle aged Angel; he slightly reminded Kian of his father. So it was true; only a highly skilled pilot from the Starship CommanderUniversity could do this successfully. He must have had a very consistent reason to leave the comfort of his family and social position to help these outcasts. The memory of old confrontations made Kian’s skin crawl; he has had his own share of insanity from the rulers…The young man looked carefully for something like a holographic record; he found it after a short while. He sat on a chair at the desk and started the recording. He couldn’t hear Antares entering; the young Night Flyer stood there mesmerized by the face of the person speaking in the thin air.

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