From the stars above. Chapter21.Sharing

Kian shared that day almost his entire story with Antares. His sharp mind worked out one fact for sure: at one moment in time, Angels and Night Flyers belonged to the same race and culture, sharing the same planet as well. So for him Antares was the next of kin and the young angel took this very seriously. For the first time after his revival, his coming back made sense; there was a dark spot in their history that needed some light upon. He and Antares shared the same open mindedness and rebellious attitude towards excessive authority. Kian needed to know more about these beautiful creatures but he waited for Antares to feel comfortable about sharing.

On the other hand, Antares was deeply touched and troubled inside by the ritual they performed; he didn’t regret his action, he just hoped it wouldn’t end up with…consequences. He finally decided to tell whatever he knew about the race of Night Flyers.

-We don’t know much about what really happened to our people. The knowledge was lost entirely when the starship crash-landed on the planet. From those who survived, the majority of them youth and children, no one knew enough except that they have to hide from the Angels. Sagitarius is the last descendant of those first settlers; all the others are born here and have built a new history.

Kian listened attentively to the youth; his voice was pleasant and his gaze was lost in the mist of Time.

-As you might have noticed, we are different from you in a certain way. You’ve told me about your family, about your mom and dad, about brothers and sisters…We have and yet we don’t have such relatives here. We look all the same and we look manly to you…because that is what we are. Men. All of us. I am indeed…a little brother to you. But we have children of our own; we have couples and one of them (it’s their choice which one) gives birth to their children. Our body can perform this act if needed. This is the secret of our survival, probably…

Antares’ voice lowered and he blushed as he finished the sentence. Kian pondered over this information and hurtful memories surfaced in his mind.

-And this is the reason why you were chased away, probably…he murmured.

-What makes you say that? –asked Antares, surprised.

-I had my share of conflict with our rulers. You know, at one moment in our history more and more people were born with …a mark on the shoulder. Those people were highly creative, yet quite untamed, socially volatile. At least that was what our rulers said about them. The Marked ones lived a very intense but short life; I was one of them. The Mark surfaced after I was hit by the Nova. This is how I ended up in the cryogenic conservation after my major act of rebellion…                                                                                                                      Kian laughed silently at the memory of defeating Gharmos. He then sobered; Sagitarius had one good reason to fear him or any Angel. There was a mass murder between them and Kian needed more information to make amends. When did all this happen? His father never mentioned any misfits; well, he never mentioned the Marked ones until his own son turned up to be one of them. So it’s possible that these rare individuals were chased down silently and removed from society. But where were they taken? Kian couldn’t recall any territory where such communities could have lived…

-Antares-he asked, turning towards his friend who was watching him silently. Why this land is called the “ForbiddenLand”?

-I don’t really know-the youth shook his head. There is something buried here…lost spirits of the dead or something…

-From ancient times?

-Probably…This cavern is as far as I ventured until now. The rest is thick forest…

-I know. I’ve seen the map made from above. But wait! There is a flattened mountain top somewhere east…it might be…I wonder…


-It might be the place where the starship landed and if I’m right, we still might find some evidence of that. I hope that there lies the answer for your questions and mine.

Kian lovingly embraced his young friend.

-Let’s take some rest, little brother. Our quest is just starting.

Antares blinked but then smiled and they both went inside to eat something and sleep.

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