From the stars above. Chapter18.The new planet

The starship sent a final message towards Earth before taking the last space jump. The thick cloud of stardust prevented any chance of real communication with the home base. From that moment they were on their own, though the previous expeditions brought home loads of useful information. But each planet has its beauties and perils that you notice only when you’re confronted with them on long term.

This planet was no exception. Just like the Earth, it was the third child of a shining yellow star. About 2/3-rd of it was covered by a warm ocean and had three separate main continents, along with small ice caps at both poles. The measurements made by the previous expeditions indicated the presence of animal life on the surface. They had not found any tangible sign of intelligent life, any artificial shapes or constructed landmarks. The air was breathable for humans, maybe with a little bit higher level of oxygen than they were used to. It meant that the planet was still young so hopes for a third degree encounter were even lower.  Though everybody was anxious to land on the planet and stretch limbs after the long voyage inside the walls of the ANTARES, they started only with short flights, hovering over the stretches of land in search for a proper place for a basis.

Kian took one of those flights after a few sleepless nights. He had an odd feeling about this particular planet; there was some tension building up inside him, yet it wasn’t a clear threat. Sheera watched him as he paced up and down the cabin, unable to speak out what was bothering him. It wasn’t like him to become edgy; he looked more upset and troubled by those dim feelings. Finally, the young Angel took a seat next to his love.

-I’m sorry for troubling you but I have this nagging feeling for days….There’s something down, there, on the planet. It’s something connected to me, since I’m the only one feeling it. I won’t say it’s a…threat, a danger but something/somebody is clearly distressed probably by me. I have to find out what is all about. I wouldn’t like to endanger everybody’s life because of some misunderstanding. But I can’t tell you if this would be safe or not for me…

Sheera’s face clouded; by now she was almost used to the fact that Kian would endanger himself to save the others. She also knew that there weren’t too many chances to stop him; the Angel had his hidden talents and he would’ve used them if needed. Anyway, she insisted that they talk first to Commander Soren.



The Commander listened to Kian’s words with growing concern; he has learned to trust the young man through their previous experiences. If he has sensed something, then there had to be something down on the new planet, despite that fact that they haven’t detected it yet. As the commander of the starship and of the whole expedition, he couldn’t afford to put people’s life at risk.

-What do you suggest then, Kian?-he asked the Angel.

-Sir, let me go down first and search. I have a feeling that something or somebody is expecting…me.

The commander gave him a thoughtful look.

-you have to promises us that you won’t get yourself into unnecessary dangers. Though knowing you, I have a feeling that my request is…futile.

Kian shook his head, smiling.

-You both know me well…I can’t help it. But I don’t intend to worry you so I’ll keep this piece of advice in my mind.

They shook hands and the young couple returned to their personal quarters. They called for Shawn and Gavin and  Kian shared his concerns with his closest friends. Once again he asked the youth to care about Sheera until he would be departed.

-Sincerely-said Shawn. I wonder how your race has survived even a day if they were like you! You can’t stay out of trouble and you don’t let anybody help you. That’s not fair, my friend!

Kian laughed.

-Now, don’t get overexcited! I won’t take you with me down there until it’s safe. Either of you. And the messages are definitely aimed at me so it’s up to me to answer them. I have a feeling that down there you’ll get your fair share of dangers, after we all descend. It’s a new world and we basically know almost nothing about it.

The tals went on until late; the boys went on trying to determine Kian to take them to the planet. Sheera just watched and her heart sank deeper and deeper thinking of Kian’s departure. But she knew already that he had to go.



The night fell over the starship and the planet bellow. Kian desperately tried to get some sleep as he was lying in bed, holding Sheera in his arms. She has already fallen asleep, exhausted by the constant worrying over his inner turmoil.

The young Angel sighed; those intense feelings oozing from the planet were overwhelming. They were active only during the nights and he was the only one receiving them. He closed his eyes and slowly relaxed. His conscience drifted away into the hazy world of dreams and nightmares….

Sheera woke up abruptly as she felt her loved tormented by some disturbing visions; he was struggling against somebody and shouted out in pain:

-No!!! I’m not!!! Why do you hate me so much?

His voice broke…Sheera grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him as hard as she could.

-Wake up! Wake up! It’s just a dream!!!!

Kian shuddered and finally opened his eyes. Tears were gathering in their corners and his breath was ragged; slowly , he regained his composure.

-I wasn’t able to see their faces but they all were shouting at me that I’m…a murderer! I am not!!! I’ve never hurt anybody…Why do they say that?!

He stood abruptly and walked to the window. He peered into the star spotted abyss and murmured:

-Who are you? What happened to you? Who am I?

Sheera came next to him and lovingly embraced her Angel. Kian turned back and took the girl in his arms, holding her close. He buried his face in her fiery hair, the scent of her perfume soothing his troubled heart.

-Forgive me, my love. I need to find out who these elusive creatures are.  We all need a safe home here. But whatever happens down there, I’ll be back to you!

They stood there embraced for a while. The night went on without any other disturbance.


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