From the stars above. Chapter17.Back on track

Time froze as people were staring in horror at the killer and the victim. The guards quickly caught the bulky man while Arctis fell to his knees next to Kian. The Nanukas encircled them trying to protect their leader and the wounded Angel. All Arctis could do for the moment was to stop the bleeding. He lifted his friend in his arms looking for the Commander and the crew of ANTARES.

A fast vehicle took them all to the ANTARES headquarters and the doctors took over Kian. The blade missed the heart only by inches. Kian’s state was critical at the moment. Arctis quickly changed his bloodied clothes and decided to stay at the hospital. He did his best trying to comfort the wildly sobbing Sheera and the pale and shaken Shawn and Gavin.

The doctors fought hard to save Kian’s life. It hanged on a thread. For days he was kept in an induced sleep. Arctis spent each day hours in gathering energy to help the body heal. Eeria arrived to, making her useful around the medical team. Everybody was holding back breath, waiting for good news. The recovery was slow. Sheera has thinned and she was rarely leaving Kian’s side. She was watching him lying there, surrounded by tubes, wires and instruments and she felt a twinge in her heart. He looked so vulnerable, with eyes shut, pale and slightly perspirate.

She leaned over him and wiped the sweat from his forehead. She kissed him gently, hoping for a small response.

-Kian, my love, can you hear me?-she whispered.

He kept breathing faintly. She brushed away a small black strand from his forehead and a tear fell on his cheek. Surprisingly, Kian sighed and opened his eyes, looking up to Sheera.

-You’re here-he said his voice barely a whisper.

-Oh, Kian, where should I be?! I thought I had lost you!-she broke out, leaning her head on his shoulder.

He caressed her fiery hair and weakly squeezed her hand. Her presence made him feel better already. It took some more days before he finally was able to stand on his feet. He felt drained and light as a feather but his spirit was untouched. His friends were gathering around him on a daily basis and the Governor expected to be debriefed about his health as well. The First Mayor was prosecuted along with the bulky guy for all their crimes against the Nanukas, against Arctis and for attempted murder against Kian.

Life returned to normal on Amanis but on a higher level. The Nanukas were looking forward for a better future for their race now that their spiritual leader returned to keep them safe and healthy. Despite his young age Arctis grew up quickly to the demands of his role as Nanuka-Tah and became loved and well respected by humans to. He was good natured and all he has endured during his early years made him wiser and very understanding. He was also greatly influenced by Kian’s determination and sacrifice. The healing the young Angel performed on him filled him with some of the power of Nova that Kian received on Earth when he was stricken by the Cosmic Lightning. He became some kind of protector of the entire planet. Eeria stood beside him, filling him up with the wisdom of their race and contributing largely to the building of trust between Nanukas and humans.

When the day of departure arrived for the crew of ANTARES4004 the spaceport was teamed with people wanting to say goodbye to the Earth people. Hugs, kisses, handshakes, embraces…it’s been all performed on the plateau of the spaceport. In the end Arctis took away Kian for a moment. They embraced, touching foreheads in a moment of mental communion.  They split up smiling at each other.

-My home is your home forever-said Arctis.

-I’ll remember that-replied Kian. Peace to all of you!

-I hope you’ll stop by on your way home. I die to know what other dangers have you found for yourself to fight-chuckled Arctis. Take care!-he added seriously.

-Thanks, I’ll do my best-laughed Kian. I’m afraid that Sheera and Commander Soren will see to keep me under lock…

They both laughed and returned to the others. The last goodbyes and words of wisdom being told the crew entered the starship and the ground shook and trembled while the ANTARES launched itself to the stars.


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