From the stars above. Chapter15. Nova Rising

The next days went on uneventful but tension was building up around. Everybody noticed that the Nanukas disappeared from the city. People on the streets looked confused by this sudden change and even the starship commander warned the crew against staying out in the city for too long.

-We’vr been announced about rumors a possible rising of the Nanukas and we’ve been warned by the First Mayor and the Governor to limit our movements as much as possible. They cannot protect us and we are scientists, not soldiers. We’re far from home and the Galactic Union cannot protect us either.

Kian tensed. The events were quickly unfolding. He couldn’t reach the old garden in the city but he hoped to get in touch with Eeria in the garden of the Mayor, next to the tree from where he came out recently. Sheera watched him anxiously; she knew what was bothering her lover and she also knew that his attempt to help the Nanuka-Tah might end up in tragedy. She dreaded the moment; she wasn’t ready to give up her love. She also knew she couldn’t stop Kian; fighting for a right cause was like breathing for him; he could not deny himself, not even for their love. Not that she would’ve asked anyway…

Shawn and Gavin were concerned for Kian’s safety but they also knew him well. They had no choice but to keep close to help him if needed. They brought a map of the Nova Crater and were studying it all four of them when they heard a slight tapping on the door. The door cracked open and a male Nanuka was standing there; he greeted them and turned his attention to Kian.

-Eeria sent me. The Nanuka-Tah needs you. I’ll be your guide, Angel.

They looked up in surprise.

-Where are we going?-asked Kian in a quiet voice.

-To the Nova Crater. Tonight is the night of the Nova Rising.

-Let’s go then. Time is short.

-We come with you-said Shawn. You might need us.

They left in a hurry, carefully scrutinizing the garden. The place was dead silent. They’ve reached the “oak” tree and entered one by one. The bark sealed behind them and they started the descent of the endless row of stairs.



The Nova Crater looked like a deep wound in the flesh of the planet. Exploiting the rock bottom to get to the rich stellarite layer left the whole place badly messed up. The merchants drained the soil from its last crumb of the precious metal and then left the planet to heal itself. She slowly covered the ragged edges with shrubs and bushes, spiky grass and contorted lianas, snaking up and down the steep slope of the crater. The dark vortex of the abandoned mine was menacingly facing the night sky, like the hungry mouth of a voracious prehistoric animal.

The narrow rock terraces were alternating around the crater emerging under the thick veil of grass and leaves. The Nanukas were gathering on these natural balconies in large number. They held close to each –other, eyes glued to the steep rock passage rising above the chilling black depth. There were some ragged stairs carved into the rock leading to the platform that held place for no more than two persons. While the night was getting deeper the two moons of the planet started their climbing on the skies. It was a rare event making this night even more unusual.

The four young Earth people arrived at the crater while the moons have reached their peak. The whole place was bathed in reddish light and the multiple shadows were creeping up the ragged walls. Eeria and Arctis were waiting for them. She was dressed up in a long sleeved blue dress decorated with complicated golden signs. Her hair was combed up high, leaving her face free. The amber eyes filled with golden specks and glowed in the eerie light of the twin moons. Arctis was waiting next to her, wearing only a pair of loose, light-blue trousers and a silver pendant around his neck on the bare torso. The azure eye was gleaming and his gaze was full of hope. He couldn’t take his eyes from Kian. The young angel undressed until he also remained with trousers and bare chest. He flapped his wings and took a deep breath. He turned to Eeria saying:

-We’re ready. Let’s go.

Sheera instinctively reached out to touch him; Kian turned and lifted her into his arms, kissing her gently. He then let her down, whispering:

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. I love you.”

He took Arctis by the hand and started to climb the stairs to the platform. While they were climbing higher and higher the light was changing. The moons were glowing intently, their light turning into a sharp bluish-white. Under their touch the leaves, the grass, the branches, the whole surrounding was shimmering in electric blue. The ground was slightly trembling and the dark vortex lit up suddenly in the same azure radiation.

Kian and Arctis were facing each-other on the small platform. Kian opened his wings to their full extent and took Arctis’ both hands. The powerful glow from underneath enveloped them for a few moments then turned into a single ray of light aiming to the sky.

It sharply pierced the heavens and the sky cracked. A whirling black cloud emerged from the thin air, sipping up the blue ray and melting it in. The cloud stopped above the two silhouettes and enveloped them into a net of scintillating blue light. Kian felt his whole body and mind filling up with this overpowering energy. He shut his eyes and led the lightning stream down through his fingertips to Arctis’ hands. The young Nanuka took a sharp breath and shut his eyes to, letting the blue drizzle to crawl across his body and his face. He cried out in anguish as the ray passed his dead eye; Kian embraced him and encircled him with his wings, holding the trembling body close to him. He felt the light searching questioningly through his mind and he connected with the touch. He saw with his minds eye as the burned face changed into a healthy one, covered by smooth skin and the black eye struggled to recapture the light. At first it seemed that it would fail but then the grain of blue light became stronger and stronger until the whole eye was becoming the purest azure ever seen. Kian opened his wings and stepped back; Arctis was standing in front of him completely restored, both blue eyes sparkling and tears running down his smooth cheeks.

Kian was exhausted but he was also exhilarated. His mission was accomplished and the Nanuka-Tah was whole and healthy again. Arctis raised his hand towards the whirling cloud and caught the blue light in his palm. The cloud dissipated almost instantly, leaving behind a clear sky and two dim moons. Arctis turned towards his people gathered around on the terraces. He spread a veil of blue light upon them shouting in a pleasant, manly voice: “Rebirth!”

“Rebirth!” came thundering the echo from hundreds of voices.

-Go back in peace!-said Arctis. The Power of the Nova will watch over you all!

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