From the stars above. Chapter 5.Despair

Stelar, Kian’s father was the first to know about the clash between his son and the planet’s ruler. Gharmos was a ruthless, powerful enemy still Stelar hoped that he could protect his fist born from any further miss happening. He did his best to ease his pain over loosing his freedom. But all he got for every attempt was a faint smile and Kian spent most of his days sitting on the top of the same rock, watching silently the breathing of the sea. Stelar had a distinct feeling that the worst was yet to come and this peaceful behavior is only the eye of the storm lingering above them.

That evening Kian’s mother made an attempt to break to wall of silence between them. Almyra asked him:

-Why are you tormenting yourself my dear? You could find yourself a nice girl and settle. You are at the proper age and soon your father would like to leave the office.  It’s your turn as the first born…

-Mom, please. I can’t. I’m not fit for it. I’m not a settling type. My life is out, among the stars…

-You’re aware that this might never happen?-asked his mother. Gharmos was very adamant about it each time your father tried to make him reconsider his position.

-I know. Well, I’ll think something out, mom. If you don’t mind, I’ll go down to the sea.

Kian took his usual flight to the shore. He stopped on the top and looked over the dark waters. The night was setting in and the breeze was soft and fragrant. The wind softly ruffled the feathers of his wings. Kian shivered. The place was beautiful and he used to love this particular spot of his home planet. But the recent developments put everything in a new light. This blessed amazing place became a golden cage. He was choking; he had no air…

Kian raised his eyes to the sky, trying to pierce the thick veil of glow in searching of that small yellow star. For a moment, he was there, breathing the salty, wet air…The memory of those days spent in freedom under an alien sky came with crushing force …The mark on his shoulder soared suddenly like a fiery dagger thrust into his flesh.

On a spur of the moment Kian descended on the wet sand, searching for something. It didn’t take long. Half buried in the sand there was the crescent of a white shell. It had a soft, silky glow and its edge was razor sharp.

Kian picked it up and leaned against the rock wall of the shore. He turned up the sleeve of his shirt and breathed deeply. He closed his eyes. The warm, crimson fluid burst from the deep cut on his wrist and ran down his trembling fingers. The sudden pain made him lost his balance and he fell on his knees. The smell of fresh blood was nauseating.  He made a final attempt to finish what he had in mind. He held the shell with his knees and cut his other wrist to. The warm droplets were hurrying down towards the thirsty sand, taking away his life, bit by bit. He fell to the ground, wings helplessly trembling.

He was drifting away, the world around blurred and Kian lost conscience. When Stelar found him, he was barely breathing. He was rushed to the hospital and only in the morning the doctors were able to assume that he was out of the critical state. The news of his desperate gesture generated a huge uproar and for the first time in his long career Gharmos had to step back on his decision. The High Council gave freedom to the marked ones and Kian was granted the permission to leave for the Earth.

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