From the stars above. Chapter4. Rebellion

Kian’s father fell into his chair, overwhelmed by despair. Since this child was born he knew this one was special. He proved to be the brightest of them all but he wasn’t easy to handle. He was a hopeless dreamer to, heart and mind full of ideals. And now, above all, he’s got the Mark. He didn’t have the heart to tell his son that the Marked Ones usually lived a very short life. They were like candles burning on both ends; their unusual degree of talent and their out of the ordinary personality made them difficult to adapt and mingle with the everyday people. Their own higher quality made them outcasts. And what made things worst was that Kian’s Mark was the most unusual seen until now. The star shape clearly pointed something out but no one had a clue what.

Kian left the house by the hind door. He didn’t want to talk to anybody. The mark on his shoulder burnt, constantly reminding him of the newly emerged issue. He took a flight to the shore, landing graciously on the top of a cliff. He folded his wings and set on the rock, right above the slowly moving water.  The sea was swinging peacefully, caressed by the warm and gentle breeze. The sun was setting giving a purple tint to the water. Kian’s gaze drifted along moving row of ripples and his mind shifted to another sea.

It was a powerful mass of blue-grey water, pounding furiously the ragged rock walls, spreading the salty foam all around. The strong gush of wind ripped the surface of the sea, pulling up the water and pushing it towards skies and rocks. The sea roared and coiled like a huge animal, his untamed force radiating in every droplet. It was an astonishing sight and sitting here, near this “well-behaved” purple water Kian’s heart ached. He already missed the Earth.

The shades of the night replaced step by step the golden light. The blue of the sky darkened and filled with twinkling specks of diamond. The large, glowing ribbon of the Milky Way stretched over the sky, hiding deep inside a small yellow star circled by a light-blue gem…The whole Universe was pulsating, teaming with light and life. But something was missing from this sky: the enigmatic smile of the Moon, hanging in the height of the Earth’s skies.

Kian sighed. He slowly stood up and flew back home.

The next day he was summoned to the High Council. Gharmos, the head of the Council was an impressive Angel and many feared him. He ruled with an iron hand and he mercilessly crushed any opposition. Yet Kian was a special case; his father was a well known member of the Council and he was highly praised among his pairs.

Gharmos looked the young man up and down trying to penetrate behind his polite and restrained composure. He was a handsome Angel, tall and slender with well built white wings. He moved graciously but surely. At first he looked very much like any other young Angel of his age. Yet there was something in those thoughtful grey eyes which looked at him almost defiantly.

Kian greeted the old Angel with all the courtesy expected and waited. At the same moment the mark on his shoulder started to burn. His lips twitched as he tried to muffle the hiss of pain.

-Please, show me the Mark, young man-said Gharmos, walking a few steps towards him. Kian complied with a sharp, angry move. The old man was disconcerted: it was a sign that foretold something. This boy was dangerous even if he was totally unaware of it.  Gharmos decided to keep an eye on him.

-I see…he finally said. So, now that you’re home, what are your plans for the future?

-I’d like to go back to Earth-answered Kian, looking him straight in the eyes.

Gharmos stared in disbelief; this guy was bolder than he expected.

-I’m surprised to hear this. You’ve almost lost your life and we had some hard times trying to get you back home. You don’t expect us to jeopardize your precious life again. I strongly suggest that you take a vacation and find yourself a purpose here, on this planet.

-So the answer is no, isn’t it? Am I held captive by the High Council?

Kian’s eyes narrowed as he confronted Gharmos.

-No. Not yet-he answered anger slowly building up inside him. But if you’re planning to cause trouble, I could and I would send you to the LostIsland, along with other hot headed youngsters. And remember, you have a family…

-Don’t you dare to threaten my family! I’m not easily scared. Good day-replied Kian and left the room.


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