From the stars above. Chapter3.Home

He woke up tangled in the bed sheets, his shoulder still souring from the newly emerged wings. The room was full of light and the smell was familiar, along with the noises coming from downstairs. He was at home.

The door cracked and two cheerful blond heads peaked inside. The small twins rushed upon him giggling and shouting:

-Brother! Brother! You’re up! Come and play!

Kian grabbed them both under his arms and took a flight around the room. He then put them down and shoveled them out the door.

-Go and wash your faces, little devils or I’ll do it myself!

He smiled as the two little ones ran down laughing. He turned back to his room to dress up. He grimaced as he incidentally brushed a spot on his left shoulder. He looked in the mirror, curious about this strange sensation. There it was: a dark pink spot in the approximate shape of a star. The skin was hot and sore. He had no clue about it so he decided to leave it for later. He descended to meet his family.

It was a large and lively family ruled by an impressive Angel, Kian’s father. He was an important member of the ruling Council of the planet. Kian was his first born and the only one to inherit his blue-grey eyes and long, curly black hair. The others were very much like their mother: delicate, happy blonds.

-Good morning-said Kian quietly, taking place facing his father.

-Good morning-came the answer. How are you? You scared the hell out of us…

Kian blushed.

-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it-he mumbled.

-Let’s eat-said his mother. You’re light as a feather…Thanks Goddess you’re home.

There was a short exchange of glances between the two men but the rest of the morning brought nothing new. The head of the family retired to his study and Kian decided to pay him a visit. They’ve talked about his assignment on Earth, the accident that lead to his memory loss and the way they’ve found him. Kian said nothing about the strange lightning that hit him and the space jump he was able to perform. He wasn’t sure it would be a better news at home than on the Earth.

Kian also knew that his father was expecting him to take his place in the planet Council and become a politician. Yet his personal interest was far from anything like that. He was fascinated by stars and planetary systems, by the intelligent beings inhabiting various worlds and their place in the huge web of the Universe. Coming back from Earth he could see the restrictions governing the Angels society, the anxiety of the rulers towards the need for freedom of the majority. He experienced the freedom in a modern society and now he felt caged by conveniences. He was well aware that he couldn’t change this world by himself and he didn’t want to hurt his loving family.

Kian’s father noticed that his son mind was wandering. He understood that he’s got some problems in readjusting to his old life. He put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. The touch took Kian by surprise because his father has incidentally touched the sore spot. He hissed and stepped back. His father looked at him questioningly.

-I’m sorry. It’s nothing, just some scar…-said Kian.

-Let me see-commanded his father.

-No! I’ve told you it’s nothing-said Kian, raising his voice.

-Then let me see it-insisted his father in a low voice.

Kian took off his T-shirt.

-See? It’s just a scrape…

The senior angel’s face darkened.

-I thought so-he murmured. So it’s true…

-What? What’s true?

-You’re one of the Marked Ones-he sighed. People with such distinctive marks were born from time to time on our planet. They proved to be gifted, creative but at the same time very independent towards society and rulers. We never knew why they surfaced from time to time and we didn’t know how to handle them. Whenever they appear they get under the surveillance of the High Council.

-Does this mean that I became a prisoner?

-No, not quite but you’ll be considered some kind of national treasure. I’m sorry. I must report to the Council. I’m sorry…

-I see-said Kian thoughtfully. Don’t worry; I won’t interfere with your position. I’ll go down to the shore. It looks like we both have things to figure out…

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