The encounter

That morning she woke up in the middle of a dream. She almost fell off the bed trying to get back to reality. In her dream she was carried away by an invisible stream, flowing along the pathways of the Milky Way. It has been wonderful out there and the cold, grey autumn morning painfully shocked her senses.

She tottered towards the bathroom and the bubbling, icy water washed away the dizziness. She had a short breakfast and while the cat was purring at her feet, she almost spilled the milk on the floor. She banged the door behind her and ran downstairs, taking two steps at the time.

A sudden blow of wind shook the row of lime and chestnut trees, whirling up and down, blending copper leaves and dust, rolling shining balls of chestnut along the streets. The old Jaguar coughed and started slowly, rolling out of the garage. Sally drove carefully, peeking up from time to time to the troubled skies. The ragged sheets of rain clouds hung lazily from above like smoke laces…

The day at the office passed without any significant event. The place was crowded and noisy, filled with people crawling around. Eight hours of continuous buzzing left Sally with a light headache. She soon realized that all she needed was a long walk on the beach. She loved the restlessness of the sea and the salty breeze filling the air.

She left her car near the passage and walked down the stairs. Chilling blows of wind were hitting the sand and rippled the surface of the sea. Hungry fingers of foam were pointing towards the swirling clouds and then falling back, melting in the troubled heart of the sea. Yellow grains of sand were rolling in frenzy with a harsh sound, like the tail of an invisible, giant dragon running across the beach…

Sitting on the top of a cliff right above the stormy waters, Sally watched dreamingly the ceaseless movement of Nature. A strangely shaped dark mass, moving slowly trough the steel-blue waters caught suddenly her eyes. A long, dark brown neck, covered by an oily skin emerged from the sea. The head was small, triangular, with thin nostrils and a large mouth. It was a lizard’s face, but the eyes were entirely different. They were large, dark blue, spotted by golden sparks. Sally and the creature stared at each other for a moment, and then he gracefully immerged in the waves and disappeared.

The girl stood there holding her breath, trying to keep in her memory as much as she could about that soft, gleaming look in the eyes of that wonderful creature.

“Nobody would ever believe this…-she thought. Maybe it’s better like this.”

Like getting out of a world of dreams, she looked around.  It was getting late. She resumed her pace and turned home.


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