A piece of fantasy : The clash

The    clash

When I first arrived to this place I was enthralled by its particular beauty. My house nested in the ocean of gracious weeds under the cast canopy of open skies. The air was soft and the wind tasted like cinnamon. There was so much light and so much space that I felt myself melting in this peaceful vastness. Under the shower of light it was easy to overlook the only dark spot of the landscape. Somewhere down the slopes there was a tiny forest, its deep green  looking  almost black to me from that distance.

As soon as I moved in the house, I plunged into my work. I had a novel to finish and my editor kept on pushing me. So during the day I kept working hard in my room and left the evenings for myself. The night skies always excited me with their show of stars, while the wind was whispering around about the marvels of the world. The smell of the overheated land, of the grass and the perfume of the flowers were blending together in great harmony. It was a place beyond Time and it looked like it would last forever.

Since my work has improved I decided to take a break and spend my next days wandering around. Shortly after the first ray of light knocked on my window I stepped out and looked over the large meadow. Eerie misty creatures were leaving the grass, curling towards the skies while small drops of dew were sparkling like hidden jewels. In the middle of daydreaming I had a shock. The forest has moved closer. The dark patch of landscape was growing bigger and I could almost see the shape of the trees. I stared at this new discovery in deep disbelief, unable to find a reasonable answer to the question ringing in my head. So I decided to put an end to the mystery and I took a pathway towards the forest.

In less than half an hour I was nearby it. While I was approaching the first line of trees I felt a sudden change in the air. Everything was different here. The air was clod and still, the wind died out and the silence was at home here. It was like stepping from the light into a deep, dense shadow.

It was the most unusual forest. The trees were high and almost black, with thick foliage that made the canopy so dense that the light hardly crossed it. Since there was no wind, nothing was moving around, not even a leaf. Still, the forest seemed to move slowly, like a dark, giant snail. With all my senses alert, I could feel a slight trembling under my feet, like hungry roots fingering the soil in search for a better way to move on. I touched the ground and it felt warm, slightly pulsating. I touched a tree and it trembled under my touch. I was puzzled…Suddenly, everything went wild! I was trapped inside a maelstrom of emotions and above all there was PAIN. Deep, heartbreaking, hopeless, excruciating pain…The forest was crying out its misery, weeping over a nameless loss. Shaken by this powerful burst of emotion pouring over me from all sides I’ve lost track and found myself lost in the depth of this strange entity. Soon I realized that a strong wind was shaking the trees around me and the air filled with dust.

The storm came roaring, rolling over the plain, rippling the surface of the ocean of weeds. Reaching the forest it unleashed all its destructive power, smashing branches and leaves. Huge whirlwinds tried to grab the trees and pluck them out from the roots. In the dim light the trees looked like distorted creatures with hungry fingers trying to grab me. While I stumbled across decaying logs and branches, the storm reached its climax. The whole forest was shaking and in an instant I realized that she needed me. She reached out and touched my soul, filling it with its own despair. In that very moment I understood that this wasn’t just an ordinary storm. In fact it was a battle fought for many times and the forest has lost most of them. She had moved away, hiding from her enemy, carefully preserving what has remained from her greatness. Now it was the last battle and the forest was fighting for its life.

I didn’t know what she expected from me but I relaxed and let her inside me. For a moment frozen in time I WAS THE FOREST. I burst out with all my energy and smashed the whirling winds. The skies cracked and the bolt of lightning hit me hard. Blurred and dizzy I fell back, loosing my conscience.

I woke up in bed shivering and all soaked up. Did I have a nightmare? I ran to the window and opened it. A rain-washed air blew in my face, bringing a bitter taste of ozone. The forest was still there. She looked a little ragged but hopeful. Some of her proud trees were smashed to the ground but she hasn’t lost her dignity. There was a significant change in colors and for the first time the light felt at home in there. The ground was shifting and the long kept, hidden seeds were about to start a new life.

The forest touched my soul again. Her pain has vanished and she was at ease with itself. I felt warmth and happiness and I knew she was thankful…

Exhausted but fulfilled I turned to my desk and started to type another chapter for my book.


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