The creature

The branch snapped and hit her hard in the face. She stopped abruptly, hurt and confused and screened for a moment the shrubbery ahead. The dense growth of sikra thinned a little on the left so she turned that way to find an easier escape.

From my vantage point I could easily follow her movements. I was technically invisible for the inhabitants of the planet.  I was thrilled to work as an Observer on an alien planet even if I was slightly troubled by the fact that we were not allowed to intervene , no matter what we were witnessing.

The strange creature that was moving at the edge of the forest was one of the few left from her species since humans have colonized the planet . I focused on her , trying to get a better image. Despite some visible difference between our species, I felt her some how very close to me. She quickly crossed the grassy meadow that stretched along the border of the forest and started to descend the steep hill with full speed.  she turned back from tome to time, like watching for an invisible enemy that was pursuing her. With each turn she tried to speed up in a desperate hope to escape from a deadly threat.

Her tension and anxiety slowly seeped into my mind to. My pulse has become more alert and I could feel my heart beating in my throat. As the frenzied race went on, I could smell the acrid scent of fear surrounding me. The road split suddenly into two different roads , each of them leading to a human location.  The creature halted unsure, bewildered. The golden light of the autumn sun shimmered on the slim contour of her body. She resembled to a young lizard but she also had a pair of translucent wings, carefully folded on her back. She wasn’t able to use them; not yet. She was too young and her wings were undeveloped. Her skin was golden and smooth and she had large, deep-blue eyes with split pupils. She was perfectly balanced, yet she looked fragile and tragically lonely. She hesitated for a moment before she took the left path.

She has barely taken two or three steps on that direction when  a sudden wave of terror erupted from from her and hit me overwhelmingly. Pushed by panic I jumped from my seat…then I fell back. I was shaking like a leaf. I did my best forcing my mind to focus on my…protegee. She stood there, turned to my direction, looking intently in my direction. I knew she couldn’t see me but on that split second when we shared the same fear, something told her there was a witness to her struggle for life. This was the very moment when I hated my job; I couldn’t save her.

She slowly turned and sorted out the other road. She started to run again, sped up and soon, I lost her… while the cold sweat was running down my face. That day I decided to quit my job.


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